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Freya White Fang in 2431 a.a.H. Her stomach injury is from her battle when Freya killed Hel earlier

Freya of the White Fang (Polforia, 7 March 2407 - 15 September 2461) was a werewolf Alpha of the White Fang and adventurer. Aunt to Pumori White Fang, Freya was the White Fang's Alpha preceding Pumori, and later worked as an adviser to her young niece during her first years as pack Alpha.

Early lifeEdit

Family and childhoodEdit

Freya White Fang was born on the 7th of March 2407 a.a.H. to Hel the Oathbreaker and an unknown father. She was part of a werewolf litter which also included her brother Fergal White Fang.

Freya grew up during the violent reign of her mother Hel. Despite being her daughter, Freya was not spared Hel's violence: the dominant and psychotic Alpha of the White Fang often punished pack members who, in her eyes, didn't do enough for the pack, or those who showed too much initiative and as a result were viewed as 'suspicious' in Hel's eyes. Freya especially was viewed with suspicion by Hel, as Hel herself had deposed the pack's previous Alpha - her own mother - in a bloody coup, and feared that her daughter might grow up to do the same to her. As a result, Hel often resorted to violence to keep her daughter Freya in check.

As a rebellious teen, and despite her knowledge of how her mother would react, Freya bonded in secret with a young werewolf male from her pack. However, as events took their turn, Hel found out and exacted a terrible response: she killed the young male, and banished her daughter from the White Fang pack.


Little is known as to what Freya did in the immediate years after her banishment from the White Fang. However, about five years after her disappearance, Freya traced her brother Fergal, who had since also been banished from the White Fang, and had settled down on a farm in Reivelin. Freya's reunion with Fergal brought surprises for both, as Freya had since become mother to a litter of Quags; meanwhile, Fergal had taken the young half-elf Lindsey as his mate, and together they had one daughter, Pumori.

Freya settled down on the farm, and for a number of years she lived a rather uneventful life. Mostly retaining her wolf form, Freya tended to her cubs, who were born as Quags, and occasionally looked after Pumori, and later after Fergal and Lindsey's secondborn Fenrir as well.

First disappearance of PumoriEdit

Freya's quiet years ended when her niece Pumori disappeared during 2430 a.a.H. Unknown to her aunt or parents, Pumori had encountered an adventurer by the name of Bog, and had decided to follow him. As Freya had a late start, she was never able to catch up with Bog and Pumori, but she believed that the girl had been kidnapped and would follow aggressively and desperately as a result. Numerous encounters of some violence would occur as a result of this search. Worse even, in the absence of Freya, the Reivelin farm was attacked by Goblins, who succeeded in burning the farm and injuring Lindsey. As a result, Fergal and Lindsey relocated to the Elferie in the Principality of Erenian where Lindsey's parents originated from; heartbroken, Fergal and Lindsey were forced to all but give up their search for the missing Pumori.

Alpha of the White FangEdit

Return of Pumori and fall of HelEdit

Unaware of the complex family history of Pumori, the adventurer Bog, as soon as he realised Pumori was no longer able to find her way back, decided to return the young werewolf to her pack. Encountering werewolves of a Wildnacht pack, the adventurer learnt that Pumori most likely belonged to the White Fang pack, and thus resolved to return her there.

Leaving Pumori and his own daughter Bogilla Sybill'innu at a nearby Kanov farm, Bog travelled to speak to the White Fang Alpha Hel to ensure the safe return of Pumori, not realising he was handing her over to the wrong person. After their talks, Hel ordered her pack to follow Bog, in the hope he would lead them to her. However, one member of the pack, a young Omega by the name of Anyiko White Fang, instead made an attempt to warn her former packmates Fergal and Freya about the danger facing Pumori.

As by luck, Fergal and Freya had returned for a last time to the destroyed farm in Reivelin, hoping that an ultimate search for Pumori might be succesful. They encountered Anyiko, and together they set off in the hope they would not be too late to rescue the young half-were girl from her cruel grandmother.

Meanwhile, the planned assault on the Kanov farm where Pumori was staying had ended in a resounding defeat for Hel. Despite initial successes in breaching the farm's perimeter and killing part of its defenders, the farm's defence proved to be much more fierce than Hel had reckoned with. Additionally, the loyalty of the pack towards Hel was questionable, as the pack acted more out of fear for their formidable Alpha, rather than out of loyalty towards her. When Hel's weakness wes revealed during her fight with the adventurer Bog, her depleted and demoralised pack abandoned her. Severely injured and beyond herself with rage, Hel managed to escape with her life, and returned to the White Fang's territory to exact a terrible revenge on the remaining members of her pack.

It was this scene that greeted Freya, Fergal and Anyiko upon their return, and Freya, beyond herself with rage, confronted her tyrant mother. Despite her injuries, Hel did not yield in front of Freya, however she no longer had the strength to succesfully fight her daughter. Ironically, in the end Freya killed her mother Hel, just like Hel had always feared she would do.


Following Hel's death at her hands, the surviving members proclaimed Freya as the new Alpha of the pack. However Freya originally rejected this honour: as an unbound soul, she had no ambition to be tied to the leadership of a werewolf pack. Events however conspired to take the choice out of Freya's hands. Following Hel's failed assault on the Kanov farm, the surviving Kanov clan leader Dutvkkar swore to take his revenge on the White Fang, and summoned family, friends and nearby Kanov lords to join him to wage war on the White Fang.

As soon as news reached the White Fang of the Kanov force that was approaching them, a reluctant Freya accepted the post of Alpha, albeit on a temporary basis. Despite her hot-headed demeanure, Freya quickly realised that the pack had no other option than to hold a parley with the approaching forces, as the ill-fated raid had cost the White Fang dearly in terms of warriors killed and injured; indeed, at that point many of the surviving participants of the raid were still unaccounted for, while many of the pack's remaining able-bodied fighters were dispersed across the pack's vast territories. With Fergal White Fang and Anyiko White Fang at her side, acting as her advisors and voice of reason, Freya reluctantly proposed a parley. Even though the atmosphere was tense, and the talks appeared to be doomed from the start, a number of factors soon conspired to turn around what had seemed to be a hopeless situation. Firstly, the death of Hel the Oathbreaker proved to be a game-changer. Secondly, while Dutvkkar had wanted to extract his revenge on the White Fang, many of the local Kanov lords and clan leaders who had joined the raid had instead done so hoping for personal gain. With a resolution being proposed which seemed to offer an easier way out, much of Dutvkkar's protests were drowned out by the aspirations of his Kanov lords, Ruthkarnd the Bear and Burdovarr the Kinslayer. Thirdly, the joint effort of Bog (as a translator on the Kanov side), and Fergal and Anyiko (as advisors to Freya) did much to ease the tensions. Finally, the unexpected return of Pumori did much to improve the mood of those involved.

Rule of FreyaEdit

Improved RelationsEdit

By the end of the parley, the dynamics of the politics in Mondwargh had been thoroughly changed. Even though the White Fang had surrendered a considerable part of its territory to the surrounding Kanov tribes to stave off what would otherwise have been a certain destruction, the talks had led to radical changes. First of all, they had resulted in a treaty that had set up a rudimentary system of conduct and tribute with the Kanov. Secondly, it had taken away the most direct external threat to the continued existence of the White Fang. As relations between the White Fang and its Kanov neighbours improved overnight, this left Freya free to tackle the internal challenges that her pack faced.

Hel's long and tyrranical rule (ca 2410 - 2431 a.a.H.) had all but devastated the White Fang. Under her iron rule, dozens of White Fang werewolves had been killed for "not obeying orders" or "posing a challenge to the leadership", and even more had died due to all kinds of hardship. When Freya took over the title of Alpha, the White Fang was not in a healthy state: it had a relatively high child mortality, and a chronic shortage of supplies. The treaty with the Kanov tribes allowed the White Fang to survive one of its bleakest winters: even though a number of its young did not live to see the next summer, the overall toll was barely anywhere near as bad as it has been during previous winters, thanks to the supplies arriving from their Kanov neighbours. Even though the two had nearly gone to war months before, and peace had only been achieved at great territorial costs to the pack, the White Fang would never forget the acts of kindness shown by the Kanovs towards them.

Early Promotion of the YoungEdit

Freya brought a complete change of leadership and mentality to the White Fang. No longer having to be afraid, the pack soon started to live up and recover. The more promising werewolves of the pack were rewarded instead of punished for their show of initiative, and soon the living conditions of the pack started to improve vastly. Even so, the pack had to resort to desperate measures to increase the number of able-bodied warriors among their numbers. Werewolves youngsters which would have been considered as cubs under normal conditions, were given tasks normally reserved for adult warriors, a situation which would last well into the first years of the Second War of the Power.

Speculation: One side effect of this was that the young new hunters and warriors would be more open to new ideas. This might have been of great use for when Pumori of the White Fang would join the White Fang. It might contributed greatly to Pumori's rapid rise in standing in the pack.

Increasing Trade and the Howling KeepEdit

Freya might have preferred that the White Fang continue to live apart and in a traditional way. But the treaty with the local Kanovs meant that land was being settled by them not so far from the Howling Keep. Freya had no especial love for the nearly ruined castle, and indeed, but for storage, it was nearly abandoned most of the year. However, Freya didn't want to give it up by default or risk another war if the Kanovs should interlope upon it, and the old Keep was convenient for storage and as a meeting place. Sometimes the Werewolfs would find Kanov children in the Keep or traces that they had been there, and trade between the werewolves and Kanovs increased with the Howling Keep as a natural trading post. By 2435 a.a.H. the White Fang would again move into the Howling Keep permanently despite its dark history of only a few years past. Trade had clearly improved the lives of the werewolves Freya might have admitted.


Despite the improved living conditions brought by Freya's leadership, a dangerous undercurrent of dissent continued to live under Freya's rule. Considered an outsider by some of the individuals who had thrived under Hel's rule, Freya was sometimes, secretly, referred to as "Freya the Lesser", over her preparedness to yield Hel's territorial gains without any fight, and over her 'soft' stance on certain matters, such as the presence of "mixed-blood" werewolves in the pack. Despite attempts, Freya never fully managed to quell these rebellious factions during her rule, and both she and her successor Pumori had to counter attempts by Hel's former followers to overthrow them as Alpha.

Second disappearance of PumoriEdit

A few relatively quiet years for the White Fang ended abruptly, when a messenger brought devastating news to the pack: slavers had kidnapped Pumori and taken her to an unknown destination. Even worse, these same slavers had also apparently killed Pumori's mother Lindsey. Furious, Freya vowed to punish those responsible for Pumori's disappearance and Lindsey's murder. After a search lasting months, Freya and a small warband succeeded in finding Pumori's kidnappers in Erenian, however by that time Pumori herself had already been long sold to a slave merchant. After torturing and killing the pair, Freya traced the slave merchant to who Pumori had been sold, only to discover he in turn had already sold on the young half-were. He too was subsequently brutally murdered by Freya.

The little warband's actions did not go unnoticed, as the trail of death and destruction they wreaked began to cause alarm with local (human) authorities. An increasing number of encounters and skirmishes with local militias and soldiers forced Freya and her warband to abort their search and retreat across the mountains towards Polforia before they could discover the ultimate fate of the missing Pumori; as a result, Freya and the White Fang mistakenly continued to concentrate their efforts against Erenian, not realising the role of Roccasone in her disappearance.

The Years of 2437-2440 a.a.H.Edit

Return of PumoriEdit

It is believed that Pumori of the White Fang joined the White Fang in mid 2437 a.a.H, along with a handful of other werewolves who were former slaves in Roccasone. Freya allowed her to remain rather than send her to her family in Erenian, probably for many reasons. Not the least of which was that it was there that her niece was captured and enslaved in the first place, and the situation for non humans, particularly those of demon blood, had not improved.

While Pumori was welcomed into the pack, she would have to start as an "Omega" that is, a low level hunter subservient to others. She would face discrimination as she could not transform and was locked in an odd shape, and there were those in the pack who were opposed to Freya and were happy to use Pumori as an issue to diminish the standing of their Alpha.

Pumori as BetaEdit

Freya would indeed raise Pumori up very quickly, as the girl worked hard and had a certain genius for hunting and organizing that was apart from the normal means of doing things. Doubtlessly borne of her unusual configuration and skills learned as a child hunter, and later, as a gladiator and co-plotter of the slave revolt that would carry her name. The werewolves that her revolt had freed and had joined the White Fang with her remained fiercely loyal to her, forming what amounted to being a core of support within the White Fang.

Speculation: Still, Pumori would become a Beta, or second in command in only about two years. This is a very rapid rise. Perhaps due to Freya needing close subordinates who were loyal to her? That there were several werewolves opposed to her who carried some influence and personal power is now well known. Support from her niece and the followers of her niece might have been welcome, even if they were recent outsiders?

The Dark LegionEdit

Negotiations with Rippien the TastelessEdit

It is believed that in mid to late 2437 a.a.H. Freya had to negotiate with the Dark Legion werewolf knight, Rippien the Tasteless regarding the reunification of the Dark Legion. In short, the White Fang, which had long functioned as an independent tribe with a territory the size of a small state in Mondwargh, were now essentially being asked to commit themselves to the Dark Legion's coming great war, and indeed, to giving up their sovereignty.

Freya was willing to greet this representative of the Dark Legion warmly, in contrast to the long standing cold reputation of the White Fang. But his message would not have been one that she, let alone most of her pack, would have liked to hear. The results of this particular negotiation is unknown, but the White Fang would bow to the Dark Legion in the end. Rippien left very little room for maneuvering, essentially threatening slavery and death for those tribes refusing to swear their loyalty to the Dark Legion.

Freya's DreamquestEdit

Freya would undergo a 'Dreamquest' with the aid of the shaman Azik White Fang to determine the truth of this matter in dealing with the Dark Legion of Demons. In the Dreamworld she would see the horror of utter destruction if the Dark Legion should decide to crush the White Fang. The choice truly was to use their fearsome reputation to serve as the local enforcers of the Dark Legion, or for their reputation to make their destruction all the more effective an example for other tribes in Mondwargh.

Pumori as a Target of Rippien?Edit

Freya herself admitted that she had a poor ability at negotiations, and interactions were not something that she was inclined to do. Let alone the sort of one sided demands coming from the Dark Legion. One relating of the story had Pumori making the said agreement with the Dark Legion, others would tend to suggest that Freya did so herself. Pumori may have had to smooth over the position of the White Fang to Rippien?

In some ways, it would seem that Rippien was more interested in dealing with Pumori than with Freya. Probably effectively insulting Freya in the process. Such attention from the representative of the Dark Legion might have been a factor in Pumori's rapid rise? It is likely that Pumori's fame as a leader in the Roccasone Slave Revolt preceded her, possibly even at this early date, the Dark Legion wanted to use her as a key to the removal of the Kingdom of Roccasone that stood before them and the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest. He might have also seen Pumori as a negotiator and personage to convince tribes folk to follow her as she'd been the head of a slave revolt in Roccasone?

It would seem that Freya had become much more diplomatic as she grew into her role as Alpha. Given the necessity of dealing with the local Kanov tribes, and the enormous power of the Dark Legion, this is not terribly unexpected. Freya was a skilled and brutal fighter, but had little understanding of military power greater or different than that of a werewolf pack or a village militia before facing the small army of Kanovs at the beginning of her time as Alpha. She may not have immediately understood the scale of a real army or what the demons could do, but she did indeed ultimately decide to join the Dark Legion.

The White Fang as EnforcersEdit

It is known that Freya found that the early demands of the Dark Legion was to actually be the force in Mondwargh for forcing the various tribes also kneel before the Dark Legion. In this time period of about two years, the White Fang would pursue this agenda aggressively enough to regain its more fearsome standing in the eyes of their neighbors. The fearful reputation and long held isolation of the White Fang were clearly what made them effective, as if they were tractable to the demands of the Dark Legion, what chance would other groups have?

Doubtlessly, Freya and the collective White Fang felt a great deal of resentment at the Dark Legion for being forced to engage in what amounted to an unwanted war against many neighbors before the actual planned war against the human Five Kingdoms of the Northwest even began. Pumori and the best warriors of the White Fang would then act as rangers and conduct raids against Roccasone as the Dark Legions formed and began to move. They would ultimately feel used by the Dark Legion as they gave and suffered much in the years of 2437-2440 a.a.H. for the Dark Legion.


In an unrecorded and undefined attack in late 2438 a.a.H., Freya would be very nearly killed in a negotiation that turned out to be an ambush. She would lose both a hand and her eyes as the result of what is believed to be a single, powerful strike from a sword or battle axe.

The circumstances are not completely known, but the werewolf clan known as the Frost Bite was the leading clan in opposing the capitulation to the Dark Legion. They were responsible for the ambush during a negotiation designed to kill alphas of the opposing clans. The Frost Bite would be later destroyed for their underhanded tactic.

The known result was that Freya was rendered blind with one arm maimed. Pumori would then become the acting Alpha for the rest of 2438. Freya would later give her position as Alpha up to Pumori in 2439.

Post Alpha PeriodEdit

Pumori's first action as an Alpha was to go to war. Despite being injured, Freya would remain the face in control of the White Fang's home territories during the years of 2439 and 2440 a.a.H. This situation may actually have been her most trying role of all, in that she was now a post-Alpha, still doing various functions an Alpha would do in regards to daily duties without actually being an Alpha, and being disabled.

Freya must have faced certain ongoing resistance and dangers given her state. Although many of the troublemakers were warriors who had accompanied Pumori in her epic part in the Campaign of Sargos in the Second War of the Power. Also, many of those who had thrived under Hel's brand of raiding and savagery would be sated by the White Fang's role as enforcers and the upcoming war, albeit, the loss of sovereignty and neutrality must have been a hard blow.

Pumori's captured loot in the Campaign of Sargos would net her many slaves who would come into White Fang territory much to Freya's early ire. Indeed, they would be a seed for the town of Howls that would spring up as a capital of the White Fang and a regional administration center for the Dark Legion. Where once the White Fang lived in isolation, army units of Green Orcs, Kanovs, Beast People and Ozcura Orcs would become a common sight traveling along new roads and staying among the werewolves.

Later YearsEdit


Freya would remain an important figure in leadership roles for many years to come, despite her disabilities and a prejudice against weakness. Although, ironically, often in a traditionalist sense, sometimes counter to Pumori's radical transformation of the White Fang. Many of those remaining werewolves who once were opposed to her, now found her as their chief voice as the White Fang became more open, more organized, more multicultural and even more urban than many could have even imagined just a few years earlier when Freya was Alpha and the coming of the Dark Legion.

Later FamilyEdit

After her maiming, Freya would come to rely on her lieutenant Ganaz more than ever. He would prove to be more capable and caring than his dimwitted reputation would suggest. Freya would have relations with him and have cubs with him after being disabled.

Quag ChildrenEdit

Cubs that Freya produced with wolves were Quags as might be expected. However, even with Ganaz, many of their cubs would also be afflicted with an inability to transform, many would be Quags.

See alsoEdit


Freya is a character by Kanyiko.

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