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"Breaking the Boundaries of Humanity"

Gentek, know as well as Gentech is a Stornkold multinational cloning megacorporation, dedicated as well to the genetic, biological, computational and biochemical development.

Founded in Münzen at the 3268 a.a.H, it was one of the first companies dedicated completely to genetic manipulation and development, being later the first Cloning company, and had become the larger and more important in the cloning markets of the Nebulosa of Ots.

Their influence was so big, that current common denominations as Dreselandes, Albertonian, Aenian, Regult, Jako, Phenom and more came originally from cloning classes of Gentek, as well the denomination of civilian and military class clones, and the alphabetical coding from A1 to K2.

Gentek -or as well Gentech was as said original from Münzen, and dedicated to the first developments in cloning technology -cloning animals, organs for transplants and surgeries, and studying the possibility of human cloning.

Many of the scientists who worked in the first human cloning program of Hettichslaven had worked before in Gentek, or even resigned their positions in the company to be part of that cloning program.

In the following decades, under the auspice of the Government of Münzen, Gentek studied and developed even further the cloning, playing an important role in the colonization of the first out-aiers colonies in Joorgs world, cloning aiers species to create the whole ecosystems of this first world.

Because of their experience, Gentek played an important role in the Stornkold Scientific Expedition Expedition Stornkold, being the creators of the concept of the Ark Ships.

The Ark Ships were space vessels that contained extensive genetic material, of animals -alive and extinct-, vegetation, human and non-Human DNA, to be used in the colonization and settlement of new worlds of humanity.

While the Expedition Stornkold was successful in their exploration of far space, in a decades long expedition, settling the bases for the colonization of several worlds, the lost of contact with Münzen make them decide to send an expedition to regain contact.

Then, Stornkold noticed the fall of the Münzen colonies of Aldo, Stapfiro and Joorgs in hands of Baziks, nutks and Chechoslovakos, and as well the separation of Münzen as an independent state.

Stornkold became then a sovereign, independent Empire, and decided that the original directives for the expedition applied no more, and neither the treaties signed by Münzen, that banned human cloning:

And soon, Stornkold commissioned Gentek to clone population, to settle the worlds they have being preparing.

With the power of Stornkold, grew the power of Gentek within the nation, and while the invasions of Stornkold to the Aiers system, trying to liberate former Münzen and their colonies failed, Gentek entered in contact with other nations, becoming an important transnational and the leader in cloning.

After the Fifth World War, during the colonization of the core worlds of the Nebulosa of Ots, using Ark Projects Vessels with DNA examples, Gentek cloned the base of the population of nations as Stornkold, Auswelt.ICR, Nortenz, the Nutk States -Confederation and Union-, the Norodor Empire, the Alianza Goffyana and many others.

However later, due the high demand on human cloning by governments and privates, soon other companies entered in competition with Gentek for their markets -as Kasparov CIA- which began a permanent race of innovation -and often direct confrontation- between the cloning megacorporations.

Gentek will always be in the head of many -often called unethical- developments in artificial humanity.

The Clones of GentekEdit

While Gentek wasn't the first ones to clone humans -the first ones where Georg Van Hunderwaffel and his program for the dictator of Hettichslaven, Andrevich Hette-, the developments of Gentek will be basic.

Gentek, being one of the first and more long lasting companies in the creation of Artificial humans, simply called their artificial humans Clones, a generic name.

But as they created new types of Clones, they give them types of names, which will later become common all over the Nebulosa of Ots, to design types of Clones.

Aenian - The Aenian are artificially Elves. Cloned from samples of DNA for some magnate of the LCP, who wanted to give back the elves what he thought was to be their historical place. Most of Aenian where first rossnes elves, but later other elfkind ethnic groups were added.

  • Albertonian: The Albertonian are artificial humans enhanced chemically and in biomechanical ways, heavily conditioned and with neural implants to control their behavior, used mostly for military purposes as shock Infantry.
  • Anthros:Term used either to clones of Loranors, K'Nir and other autoctonous peoples of Aiers, or as well artificially created hybrids of humans and other species -who have demonstrated their sustainability, and can reproduce sexually-
  • Arsvani: The Arvsani or Drones or "neutrals" are Gender-less artificial humans, made due to the special request of a magnate and philosopher of the CONMI, having as well extensive neural implants that control they behavior. They can't reproduce sexually.
  • Composites: The Composites are a mix of robotic and artificial human parts, they where first developed as an experiment -abandoned by Gentek-, they are produced mostly by WK.Corp. The composites state is discussed, but they can't reproduce sexually -and can only be created artificially-.
  • Dreselandes: The Dreselandeses are artificial humans engineered genetically to have psychological and physical capabilities superior to humans -being somehow a kind of superhumans-. This doesn't mean superpowers, but increased agility, strength and ability.
  • Groop: The Groop are artificial giants, cloned from samples of DNA mixed with humans, developed as an experimental class of soldiers.
  • Jako: Artificial humans developed to fill multiple purposes, being specially adapted for the life in space and hostile colonies in the Nebulosa of Ots, being one of the most common clones.
  • Phenom: The Phenom is how are called experimental Artificial humans, being non-commercial variants, as Gentek following they moto of "breaking the boundaries of humanity". There is great secrecy among the "Phenoms", and when successful, often they have turned standardized versions of clones.
  • Regult: The regult is the basic clone, which is an artificially made human, without special characteristics. There are several ways of producing "regult" clones, being one that ensure some genetic differentiation the system of "brothers and sisters", where are cloned the ova, the haploid female reproductive cell or gamete, to later be fertilized in the cloning factories with sperm, resulting in individuals that aren't genetically identical, but share many genetic similarities -somehow as a family, from where come the name of "brothers and sisters" system. There can be as well regults people cloned identically as the original person from which they were created.

Aside of these, there are several classes and subclasses of clones, not only of humans and non-humans of Aiers, but as well non-Aiers species.