Cut Galaw by Shabazik

A Galawkey Noble, a Southern Galaw Orc with some elven ancestors

The Galaradaan Kingdom was a orc-elf state in Aels, founded at the 302 by the Galaw high orcs. Particularly by Galawkey nobles.

With the kingdom being founded by the Galawkey it is natural that they will be allied with Galawkey against the High elves during the High Elf-Galawkey war. Unlike the Galawkey kingdom which was a kingdom of the that extended along the Nohalion mountains, Galaradaan would reside in lowlands, in the later Purpurian, Enkel and some of the valleys of high Uslen, 

This would be a reason for the fierce competition between the High elves, wishing to fight for this stolen territory. But there would be other invaders worse than the Galaw orcs, or High elves attempting to return.

The kingdom will be finally destroyed at the 437 a.a.H, by a Kanov horde of the tribe of the Grëdker.

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