Coyshy goblin tribe by shabazik-d5dtqvv

Ur Dur Goblins that are on the surface. Ur Dur are the unnatural occurring goblins

Goblins are a group of small to medium sized humanoids that characterized by having proportionately large ears, good low light vision, green to brown skin, and longer arms and shorter legs relative to torso length than humans. They are usually thought of as having low intelligence and organizational skills. They haven't formed any large or stable civilizations and live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and are often thought of as a sort of vermin by their neighbors.

The GoblinoidsEdit

Goblins are only one branch if the three branches of the "Goblinoid" group, that includes orcs and ogres. The "Goblinoids" differentiated rather late, as even in Neolithic times, the proto-orcs still looked much like larger, bulkier goblins. Orcs are extremely variable in their characteristics, the Ogres even more so.

Types of GoblinsEdit

There are several different types, but they could perhaps be characterized as there being only two. Natural, and Unnatural.

Natural GoblinsEdit

Goblins in the hills by shabazik-d30ec2f

Example of Natural Occurring Goblins: Green Goblins of Southern Aels

"Natural Goblins" are of the green goblin type, small, with faces either flat or long depending on the type, but all having green to brown skin and long, pointed ears. They have single or twin births, and are actually not an ecological threat to the world or that great of a nuisance or danger to settled peoples relative to most other races of people.

The largest of the "natural" goblin types is the Bugbear, a goblin that came about as a mix between the ogres and green goblin types, that has inherited and evolved with a great deal of size and mass, much like an ogre, but is genetically mostly a goblin.

Unnatural GoblinsEdit

"Unnatural Goblins" can be summed up by saying the "Ur Dur" goblins and their hybrid derivatives. The Ur Dur were the creation of a demon project of the Dark Legion of Demons, to provide for a massive number of troops to use as disposable quantity versus quality. The Ur Dur are less intelligent than other goblins, have huge, projecting facial features, have a different sort of large, pointed ears, and give birth to litters rather than single or dual births. They also age and develop faster than the other types of goblinoids, at twice the speed of humans.

A threat due to numbers and breedingEdit

As they are a creation obtained by sorcery, and have other blood merged into them other than their goblin base, some scholars would debate if they should be considered "goblins' at all. They would prove to be a threat to the existence of natural goblins, by outbreeding them, and mating with them in such numbers so as to genetically swamp out the characteristics of a green goblin tribe. Their numbers and voracious collective appetite makes them very damaging to the ecology of the subterranean world of Kazrrad, and to the surface world as well. The peoples of Kazrrad or even mountain folk or rural folk near caves sheltering them, often were in for a serious fight for survival should the Ur Dur attack in numbers.


Both types goblins would mate and hybridize with orcs and ogres, among other peoples. But the process was much more likely to happen with the Ur Dur goblins. Tribes of ogre types would likely become a tribe of an Ur Dur derivative over time. The Ur Dur's themselves were usually stooped or quadruped walkers, but were almost the size as a human, although they had smaller varieties. The hybrid individuals and types that were created were often huge and very dangerous.

Goblin Page LinksEdit

Natural Goblins

Green GoblinsEdit

  • Northern Aels
  • Central Aels
  • Southern Aels

Other green goblin types exist throughout the world of Aiers, but these are the best known.


An ancient blend of green goblin and ogres. The Bugbear has become an independent race with the size of an ogre, but is genetically mostly goblin rather than ogre.

Ur Dur Goblinoids

Ur DurEdit


A blend of Ur Dur goblin and an ogre type, an ogre or troll, usually an individual, or an Ur Dur 'infiltrated' ogre or troll tribe, but the Dark Legion of Demons has deliberately bred classes of these creatures as well.



A blend of a goblin and an orc, often an individual, but also tribes exist. Also, cadres bred by the Dark Legion of Demons.

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