The Gogdos are a Vanolosé ethnic group from Guaderia.

The descendants of Vanolosé orc zarhuycan trading cities of the Caritz, they were able to keep themselves in power, doing a great deal of juggling with different powers, keeping key travel routes and markets, and as well, converse in appearance to the Islam, religion of their neighbors and subjects, in what is called the sect of the Mayoinessi, a rather free vanolosé interpretation of the islamic precepts and laws, without some elements -as dietary restrictions, fasts and such things a Vanolosé couldn't endure-.

While dispersed in the shores of Caritz, being a common appearance as traders in many trading cities, the Gogdos ruled Guaderia. The Gogdos of Guaderia where capable of keeping their power, due a complex game of equilibration: but eventually the valance was broken, and then come wars, either against their neighbors of Sretor, or from the Tork Empire of Cretor.

Part of the Tork Empire of Cretor, with the Anglasecuarnian Wars and later break up of Cretor, Guaderia -along with Moritania and Tunecern- will come to be the Ignacian Dezai.

After the Ignacian Wars, with the break up of the Ignacian rule, Guaderia will come to be the first and only modern, independent Vanolosé Orc Nation.

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