Goivanne, officially the GOFFY Co-operative Republic of Goivanne is a sovereign state on the northern coast of South Ushaenor. It is bordered by Shuri to the west, Alailë Goivanne to the East and Sao Azil to the south.

Goivanne was named as such after Giovanni Di Pauli, who explored the region after The Cataclysm, settling a Motzabilian colony, before coming under Ne'Sargonic control, and later, Joaquintopian control: it will be conquered by the JPM as result of the Joaquintopian Wars, becoming an independent country only after the Juanpableiro-Degoland War of the 3189 a.a.H.

The legacy of Sargonic rule is reflected in the country's diverse population, which includes Lataverican, Ushaverican, Aelian, Hieyoker, Zarhuycan, Zean and multiraical groups, with non-human minorities.

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