Crop werewolves of wildnacht by shabazik-d53nacg

Left to Right, Yiko Grey Shadow in human form, and a Grey Shadow Elder in wolf person form

The Grey Shadow was a werewolf clan, originally from the forests of Nubla, from the valley of Wildnacht. While it is unclear their origins, as there have been werewolves in Wildnicht at least since the end of the Kanovhook wars, it will be only after the demonic defeat during the First War of the Power, that will be created the clan of the Grey Shadow, either from werewolves of Wildnacht, refugees and deserters of the Dark Legion or both. For their location, they will not take part of the power struggles between the Remnants of the Dark Legion of Polforia during the Middle Human Age, growing wary and distant of the werewolf clans of Polforia and Mondwargh.

With the Second Coming of Darkness, the Grey Shadows will serve the legions of the demon lord Anutkahook.

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