The Guild of Backdoor Owners is a criminal organization in the city-state of Negeémiliel known to exist and operate in the 24th and 25th Centuries. Its primary purpose is to provide support for owners who illegally operate businesses.



The Guild of Backdoor Owners is a 'guild' in that it is a collection of business owners who sometimes back each other and support each other. It is an 'underground' guild--literally, in this case, for being in a Drow metropolis in the underworld of Kazrrad

Precisely because it is indeed in a Drow society, males are not seen capable of running businesses, likewise, members of other races are discriminated against and pay more in fees and taxes, and bribes as well. The Drow corruption allows businesses to commonly 'grease palms' but it is often more advantageous to have a drow woman operate as a 'front-woman' for businesses actually operated by males, or members of other races so as to seem to comply with the law.

As a result of this, the Guild of Backdoor Owners is probably heavily male, although females of other races might well be expected to be present in large numbers too.

Reasons for OperationEdit

A principal reason for the existence of the Guild is to provide enforcement of the illegal contract between the actual business owner and the female Drow front women. If the drow front woman might try to seize the business that it appears that she legally owns, or does away with the non-Drow, or male, owner, the Guild steps in with hired killers to avenge their betrayed member. Otherwise, for recalcitrant front women, hired enforcers likely extort such Drow into compliance.

Doubtlessly, the Guild also serves other illegal activities. Such as aspects of patronage, fencing, money laundering, and probably simple extortion.


It would seem that it likely has a connection to the Light Blue Ribbons, a mercenary company that was seen employed by Gaveo, possibly with monetary help by the Guild of Backdoor Owners via some 'insurance policy' within the organization. It would stand to reason that other mercenary companies or more singular, private enforcers exist as well.


In StoryEdit

Very little is actually known. In fact, the Guild of Backdoor Owners only appears in the Maylara Maltree story as an organizational name that the hobgoblin Gaveo mentions, is a member of, and is in contact with.

Nature of Drow SocietyEdit

Negeémiliel is a city state that has expanded to empire, but has been loathe to change its organizational structure, laws and governance. Hence, it has a system well designed for a single race, unified culture city-state, but is rather poorly suited for a nation-state, particularly one that has begun to incorporate members of other cultures and races.

Growth of the CivilizationEdit

The Guild of Backdoor Owners--or many organizations like it, have probably existed as long as Negeémi laws have disenfranchised males. However, the astounding growth, and growing multi-cultural demographics of the capital city and wider empire in recent centuries have doubtlessly contributed greatly for the need for such guilds of backdoor owners. Aspects of growing corruption and expanding use of slavery might also play a role in the reason for such criminal organizations to operate.

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