Battleborn warrior of mildred by shabazik-d6m6z7z

Gunn Oddsdottir, Errant Adventurer and Battleborn of Mildred

Gunn Oddsdottir (Dahl'Haran?, 2241 a.a.H. - ?) was a Battleborn adventurer whose adventures spanned many centuries and regions. First seen during the Rivierie as a warrior siding with Disette Rivier, she often served as a hired sword or independent adventurer, siding with various sides during the turbulent years leading up to the Second War of the Power.


Early BiographyEdit


House of DamethEdit


Later HistoryEdit

Monster HunterEdit

White FangEdit

Bogilla Sybill'innuEdit

Roccasone Slave RevoltEdit


Gunn Oddsdottir is a character by Kanyiko.

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