Haelra Khalazza ( unknown date, Negeémiliel - 2166 a.a.H) was a Negeémi drow, General of Negeémiliel, politician of the Negeémi Populist Party, stateswoman and dictator of Negeémiliel in two occasions, between the 2072-2084 and the 2120-2166 a.a.H.

She was a revolutionary reformer, who tried to change the system of Negeémiliel making profound reforms on its political system.


Early lifeEdit

Dictator of NegeémilielEdit

Historical OverviewEdit

Since around the 1500 a.a.H, two main political parties had risen in the southern drow city-state of Negeémiliel: the Senatorials and the Populists. (See: Negeémi Senatorial Party, and the Negeémi Populist Party.)

The Senatorials were a traditionalist group, that wanted to perpetuate the social structure of Negeémiel, meanwhile the Populists sought for reform of the system, such as expanding citizenship to even more Negeémi drow.

Between the 1500s to the 2072 a.a.H, the relations between both factions will be mostly polite -but as with drow politics, with plots, conspiracies and machinations-, being alternated longer periods of government by the Senatorial party, along with brief governments of Populist charismatic leaders: however, being fewer in numbers, they couldn't achieve significant reforms, and when they intended to do so, the power returned in the elections to the Senatorials, being perpetuated the status quo.

However, this comfortable situation began to change since the 1700s after the defeat of the dual-alliance of Ched'Nasan and Ched'Hihrin that had for long contested the power of Negeémiliel, which meant a significant expansion of the territories held by the city: for this began pressing the issue to control the larger empire, and more acolytes were needed, so there were reforms to extend citizenship even more, as intended by the populists.

This meant that slowly, the new acolytes that entered the system with Populist affiliations -after their acolytal service- were to enter into politics, slowly shifting the balance from a minority of the Populists and the Senatorial majority, to even political power:

It will become more difficult each time to reach agreements, as the discussions in the Low Council became longer and longer, and while the Populists and Senatorials alternated rule continued, began to be each time more frustrating for the Populists how slowly reforms were made.

Khalazza CoupEdit

This will mean an escalation of tensions, until at the year 2072 a.a.H was made the Khalazza Coup, when the councilwoman Haelra Khalazza seized the power in a bloody coup d'etat, raising herself as a dictator, dissolving the High Council and Low Council, and pushing an aggressive reform program, which was really a revolution.

Dictator of Negeémiliel, 2072 - 2084 a.a.H.Edit

The absolute rule of Khalazza would be however short lived, as by the 2084 a.a.H a bloodless coup d'etat by her own officers, scared by the speed of the changes, took her out of the office.


Between the 2084 to the 2090 a.a.H, Haelra Khalazza will be held prisoner in the Temple of Doom, awaiting for her judgement, being finally exiled from Negeémiliel at the 2090, with a ban for life to ever return to the territories of Negeémiliel.

She then began a peregrinage between the 2090 to the 2110 between several drow cities, until she was able to gather a group of supporters in Erehel-Sinu.

There, she will try for the next ten years to try to gain support from Erehel-Sinu to overthrow the Negeémi dictator Felyndiira Olonrae, gathering such support at the 2120 a.a.H:

and so, she will march ahead of an army composed of her exiled supporters and Erehel forces to Negeémiliel, overthrowing Olonrae.

Dictator of Negeémiliel, 2120 - 2166 a.a.HEdit

Haelra Khalazza will return from exile in Erehel-Sinu with an army, forcing Olonrae into exile, and assuming again as dictator. While she was able to seize power thanks to Erehel-Sinu, and was expected to be a puppet of the foreign city, she quickly turned against Erehel-Sinu, beginning an aggressive expansion program in the exterior and a revolution within Negeémiliel, keeping with an iron grip the city and repressing her political enemies.

After defeating Erehel-Sinu, she continued with an aggressive policy towards the surface, fighting the Hebonnor, and the underworld, against the Nortunk dwarves.

However, her aggressive campaigns will overextend the Negeémi forces and Negeémiliel, and will be assassinated at the 2166 a.a.H by a group of close Populist politicians. A brief period of anarchy would follow, while the three main populist generals fought each other for succession, until the dictator Miz'ri Vrinn rose in power.



Haelra Khalazza, the first of the Populist Dictators of Negeémiliel, will be remembered by her opponents for her bloody legacy, and as a heartless ruler that kept power with an iron grip.

But she will set the basis for a Negeémi territorial empire, and not only a hegemonic Negeémi rule over other drow cities.

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