King Haer of Aranië and of Rohnion was a high elf monarch of the kingdom of the high elven kingdoms of Aranië and later, of Rohnion.

When is kingdom of Aranië was attacked by his neighbor, the High Elves of Dalath, Haer went to exile to the Hidden Valley of Rohnion, where he founded a new kingdom, while he waited for his vengance: However, with the Age of Invasions and fall of the High Elven Kingdoms of the plains, the bitter king preferred the elven realms to fall as they were of usurpers, rather than to try to save them.

With his kingdom isolated, he thought the best way to defend it was to keep secret the entry to the valley, which lead to a conflict with a dwarven colony of Odenberg Duergars: during the following elven-dwarven war, Haer died.

His nephew assumed the Throne of Rohnion as Olin I.

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