Hamu (Hamu-koku, "State of Hamu", as well known as Jamon) is an island nation in east Hieyoks. It lies to the east of the Sea of Airuzu, Bina and Borea, stretching from the Sea of Robgorov in the north to the East Bina Sea in the south.

Hamu it's located in the Airuzu archipelago, a stratovolcanic archipelago of over 7,000 islands. The largest island is Hondo, followed by the smaller Minami, Kita and Hoppo

Archaeological research indicates that the Airuzu archipelago was inhabited only decades after it rose out from the Ocean between the 50 to 100 After the Apparition of Humanity. 

Influence from other regions, mainly Imperial Bina, followed by periods of isolation has characterized Hamu's history

An inhabitant of Hamu can be called both Hamujin or Airuzujin.


(what follows is only a draft od points to write the story)

Yokai Kingdoms

Second War of the Power (2434-2539 a.a.H). Expansion of the Dark Legion to Hieyoks, since the 2470

2500s, Yokai Kingdoms joining the Dark legion.

Third War of the Power

2675 a.a.H The Cataclysm

The presence of Jamonese settlers in mainland Hieyoks wasn’t something new at all, and have existed since centuries settlements of Jamonese in several points, that while the Binese Empire was powerful, where considered vassals of that foreign power.

But with the decay of the Binese empire, due religious strife and foreign aelian powers, the chaotic opportunity was seen as an opportunity to the malcontent members of Jamon:

3108 concessions to foreigners

3121 Kleineng

3128 HieyoksKleinengKleineng War.

The state of Kleineng was founded only about a decade before the war, at the 3121 a.a.H, in continentalHieyoks, by members of the traditional feudal and military aristocracy of Jamon, who rejected the concessions given by the Emperor to Aelian powers in regard to the aperture of ports to foreign trade, presence of missionaries and other concessions given to foreigners since the 3108 a.a.H, that where seen as an insult to the honor of Jamon. As well, this feudal, traditional aristocratic and military class rejected the attempts of centralization of the Imperial dynasty at the archipelago, and the modernization in several points of their society that menaced their privileges –such as the modernization of the agrarian world and armed forces of Jamon.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Foreign Relations and MilitaryEdit





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