Hatiyara sworddemon by shabazik-d5yj90t

A Hatiyara Sword-demon mercenary from the Brotherhood of Seuconia

H A T I Y A R A, Quattor Armatis Daemonii

Race: Lesser Demon

Class: Demon

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Voiceless, Fourarms, Cuadras, Ch'vor Zinvats

Allegiance: Independent, unaligned, Empire of Whide Axis and Dark Legion of Demons

Hatiyara are a lesser demon, created by the Bazrrod -the demon lords- to serve them by using one of their soul shards in a creation.

They are what the demons call a Kattalka or Cascomi: demon soldiers, created by their masters with this only purpose.


a Kattalka is a demon soldier, with a minor soul shard. They doesn't have a personality, they don't eat or drink, and are pretty much mindless outside of the specific task they were created to fulfill. A Cascomi is any type of Kattalka, with a superior Soul Shard, which provided him more intelligence -and so, a personality-, often to command Kattalkas

Early Losses of Power of the Demon LordsEdit

The Hatiyara, as well all the other classes of Kattalka, were a vital piece of the early Dark Legion of Demons, as they composed the core of their armies.

However, the lesser demons, created by the process of splitting the demon lord soul in soul shards to animate their minions, had a great drawback: with each shard used, the demon lord became weaker and weaker.

And in the early wars, against the Dumian Empire and the Vakkusta Empire, the loss of such minions were irreparable, and many of the weakened demon lords fell, defeated by their enemies (or by the other demon lords).

This was one of the reasons why the early Dark Legion needed to recruit in their service, allies, mercenaries and vassals -who proved to be much less loyal: that's why later the demons tried to change them in turn for their own created and bred servants.

Continued Use and Reliability of the Lesser Demons to their CreatorsEdit

After losing their role as infantry of the dark legions, however, the diverse classes of Kattalka didn't disappear, because of their loyalty, they were used as selected infantry units, and the Cascomi, as officers and officials.

In general, demons are ambitious (and as some observers can notice, conspiracies and backstabbing isn't unknown among them). However, the demons created by the process of splitting a demon lord soul in shards, share the soul shard, and the fate: and even if the "shards" of the demon lord can have their own personality and ambitions, the death of the demon Lord mean the end as well of the shards, who slowly fade away. Because of this, the "Shards" are one of the few ways for a demon lord to get completely loyal demon minions.

As well, because the power struggles within the demons, can be explained why during the war of the power sometimes some demons who deserted from the Demonic Dark Legion, fought against it, along with the Empire of Whide Axis, or at least, they fought the same enemy.

Demon Lord DesertionsEdit

An example of this were the demons of the desert of Iperto, who conformed the Brotherhood of Seuconia along with the Draak Harg and Siggos. Enemies of the Cult of Abilia and Satman and his Unholy Mountain of Hortann, they offered the services of their mercenaries to the enemies of their enemies.

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