Hieyoks Ice Giant (Gigas Glacies) are homo gaian of the Giant family. They lived in the Continent of Hieyoks, named after them, which for long was their territory, but sometimes they reached north Ushaenor and north Aels, but didn't had permanent settlements in these areas.

The giants are thought to be the oldest of all the peoples inhabiting Aiers, due the archeological remains, and as well, being present in many of the histories from even the "heroic ages" and depicted in prehistoric accounts.

Some of the Hieyoks are attributed with hideous appearances – claws, fangs, and deformed features, apart from a generally hideous size. Yet when Hieyoks are named and more closely described, they are often given the opposite characteristics. Many of the Hieyoks are described as beautiful -and others as monsters with more of beast than people in them-. Although some Hieyoks are said to have been of considerable size, many were of no difference in size than that of Yak Yak, some trolls and Ogres.

Giant Hieyoks Ice Giant

Hieyoks Ice Giant

The Hieyoks are thought to be an ancient race, -and some elven, giants and dwarven myths, said they where the first beings created-, so while some where described as stupid monsters, others carried the wisdom from bygone times.

Many giants where said to play a great influence in the natural world; and many of their servants considered them even equate with gods of nature.


Giants are giant: they are know due their large size, and they keep growing during their whole lives -as long they have fullfiled their dietary needs-. However they seemed to be adapted for the times of prehistoric megafauna, and the desaparition of many of the larger animals meant a colapse in the Giant population, from what they never recovered, before the Neolitic age.

Because of this, Giants needed to adapt their diets: And while Growp Mountain Giant eat smaller animals -smaller than the megafauna, not small-, trees, stones and some kind of dirts, being difficult for them to live in large social groups due the dietary needs, the Hieyoks frost Giants answer was different: to enslave and capture other peoples, to get them to work for them for food -or become food themselves.-

This become a key difference between the Mountain Giants, and the Frost Giants. Since prehistory, the Ice Giants will proclaim themselves chiefs and masters of the other peoples living in the norther continent: even their gods. So when, in historic times, the name of these lands where registered, it was after the lords of the North: the Hieyoks Giants.


The Hieyoks Ice Giant ruled over light and dark elves, dwarves, goblinoids, orcs, ogres and trolls, beastmen and other giants. Some say, they created the larger monuments of Hieyoks, and invented many things, but others say, the Hieyoks instead never created anything, and stole everything.

However, their ice rule over Hieyoks, that lasted from the Prehistoric times, was challenged by the Ice Elves -the Anqueael''.-
During the Middle Elfic Age, began the Anqueael-Hieyokers wars at the 1.875 ''before the apparition of humanity'' (b.a.H), war which faced for the hegemony of Hieyoks the giants and their slave-armies of their servants, against the Ice elves.

During about two millenia, wars where constant between the giants and ice elves... and the giants numbers began to drop, and weakened, their servants began to rebel: and the weaker the giants become, the more of their servants rebelled... and slowly, the giants where being pushed to the north.

With the Great Changes, when land rised or sunken in the oceans around the first century since the apparition of Humanity, many of their former slaves and servants escaped to the newly risen lands. Or pushed the giants further to the north, to the desolate, frozen lands where only the Ice Giants and few others could live.

But the Ice Giants didn't forget, and each few decades, they tried to advance again to the south, sometimes conquering territories for decades -and even centuries-, fighting against High Elven colonies and others. But then, arrived the Kanov, and after them, the Humans, during the Age of Invasions, and the Giants where, again, pushed to the frozen north.

From there, they keeped trying, but each time was more difficult, and they had less servants, and less power. But ages later, during the Second Coming of Darkness, the demons of the Dark Legion contacted them, and promissing them great extensions of Hieyoks, gained the Ice Giants to their cause, and to serve the Black Banners of demons.

Ice Giants are told to not be affected by cold, and some of them where said to have magic -some argue, possibly ones with some elven, or demonic, ancestors-. But they where infamous for covering their bodies on ice to be used as armor, giving them the apparience of moving houses -or mountains- of ice. and snow.