Orc Hieyoksmainer headhunter

A Hieyoksmainer orc headhunter, servant of the Ice Giants of Hieyoks

H I E Y O K S M A I N E R,Porro-giberae Orcii  




Other names: Boot-nose, long noses, Aubergine, Northernorc, ice orc, snow orc, Servant of the Giants  

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons, Hieyoks Ice Giants 

Hieyoksmainer are goblinoids of the Orc family, originally from the north of Hieyoks.  

Hieyoksmainer meant in the Hieyoks Ice Giants language "servants of the Ice Giants",and they were called like that because quiteearlyon the ice giants took and enslaved the Hieyoksmainer orcs to be their servants,slaves and legions against their enemies.  

For the Hieyoksmainer, the Ice giants were both their masters, gods and demons, serving them fearfully and giving them offerings. 

In the ancient ages, they were commonly enemies of the Ice elves: however, the arrival in the age of Invasions of Kanovs, and later human, meant that they were pushed more and more to the north, to the lands of the eternal ice.  

Because of these hard conditions of life, they were some of the less numerous of the orc-kind.  

Because of the characteristics of the Hieyoksmainer, somescholars think that they are closer related to thegoblins than other orcs, or that they are instead a kind of Hobgoblin.

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