'Mainland southeast Hieyoks, also known as the Hinbina' Peninsula, refers to the continental portion of southeast Hieyoks that emerged after the apparition of humanity in Aiers lying roughly south or southwest of Bina, and east of Hin.

The countries of Hinbina however received cultural influence from both Hin and Bina to varying degrees. Some cultures, such as those of Ecris, Urm, Bahrgunyar, Lagos and Gokudin were  influenced mainly by Hin with a smaller influence from Bina. Others,  such as Veitan, are more heavily influenced by Binese culture with only minor cultural influences from Hin.

The Hiniazed kingdoms and the Binese kingdoms existed since around the 500 after the apparition of Humanity in Aiers, and there will be a constant struggle between the human kingdoms of Hinbina, as they tried to establish hegemony, fighting each other, but at the same time were under constant threat from the Rakshasa and Ogre Kingdoms. While after the Age of Invasions the Hinbinese were able to keep at bay the non-human peoples into the mountains and rainforests, away from their civilizations, during the second war of the power, as the Dark Legion of Demons extended their reach to Hieyoks, reaching the demons hinbina, they will be able to gather under their black banners, which would force an uneasy alliance between the Hinbinese, alliance that will break after the Second War of the Power -and hastily put together again at the Third War of the Power.

After the Cataclysm, with the demons dissapearing as a menace, they turned back to their own imperial ambitions. Much later, the Aelian colonial powers threatened the Hinbinese states by the Second Industrial Age.


The territories of mainland southeast Hieyoks comprise the following:

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