The House of Pleasure is one of the many subsidiary components of the Temple of Doom. It exists to train slaves to sexually service Acolytes and citizens within the temple.

Origins in StoriesEdit


The "House of Pleasure" is first mentioned by name in the "Maylara Maltree" story when Maylara infiltrated the inner sanctum of the Temple of Doom. The High Sorceress Selene Paen'Dhirra wanted to send May there for sexual training. It has been mentioned in later stories relating to Maylara Maltree as well, such as the written story "Maylara in the Temple of Doom" by Snowy-Dee.

The Drow TrioEdit

Also, before being named, the "Drow Trio" story alluded to sexual activity in the Temple of Doom that would suggest the existence of something like the House of Pleasure. This occurred in the incident that the Trio harassed a man and his wife on the streets of Negeémiliel.


Sex Workers For the AcolytesEdit

The House of Pleasure has the purpose of training slaves in erotic arts. This is presumably for the benefit of the acolytes stationed in the Temple of Doom, as alluded to in the "Drow Trio" where the three drow acolytes collectively known as the Drow Trio harassed a drow man on the street and determined to 'procure' him for sexual service in the temple. Whether or not the three acolytes were only pretending in tormenting this married man (and his commoner wife) was not revealed.

The episode suggested that while acolytes may or may not commonly kidnap and rape commoners for their gratification, that such an institution supporting such sex workers existed in the Temple of Doom. As this is the main Negeémi temple, it is a small city in its own right, filled with elite acolytes and support personnel of various avocations. Such a setup in an elitist society like the acolyte system of the Negeémi drow would make sense.


Also, it is known that the "Inner Sanctum Trio" of drow temple slaves were well trained in homosexual sexual techniques to serve the High Sorceress Selene Paen'Dhirra.

The High Sorceress Selene also mentioned a trainer called Zarolin who seemed to be the head of the House of Pleasure. Nothing of this person is known beyond name and avocation of sexual trainer. Even the gender of Zarolin is unknown, normally a female gender might be implied when regarding Drow, but given that many, if not most, of the 'alumni' of the House of Pleasure are probably male, that might not be the case.

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