The Hungry, also later known as Purpurians -for their kingdom of Purpurian- was a human nation and ethnic group of the Barlans, who spoke Hungry.

They are said to be one of the tribes that fought alongside the Dark Legion in the Battle of the Hannian fields, but they didn't took part of the final invasions that lead to the fall of Dume, which some authors considers meant they had distantiated themselves from the Demons, had already captured lands for the grazing of their cattle, or they where instead expelled eastwards by Barlani kanovs.

Between the 1900-2000 a.a.H, the Hungry moved to the area south of the Dargoina Mountains, while some Hungry tribes moved up the course of the Barlans river.

By the 2000, pressed by Barlani kanovs, they will move to the south, along the northern bank of the Barlans river, northeast to the Titanizk Mountains. From there, they started a series of looting raids to the southern bank of the Barlans.

By the 2100 a.a.H, they crossed the Barlans and the Titanizk mountains, moving to Purpurian. After defeating an elven army, they laid the territories of Enkel, Nohalion, Iperto and as far as Dumia open to Hungry raids, which were fast and devastating. Hungry expansion was checked at the battle of Annfeld at the 2155 a.a.H, ending their raids against western Aels, but the raids on southern Aels continued until 2170 a.a.H.

Hungry settlement in the area was approved by the Archbishop of Karentia when their leaders accepted Christianity, and  was crowned Esteban I as King of Purpurian in 2197. The century between the arrival of the Hungry from the Barlans and the consolidation of the Kingdom of Purpurian in 217 was dominated by pillaging campaigns across Aels, from Tardos to Uslen and Dumia to Enkel. After the acceptance of the country into Christian Aels under Esteban I, The Hungry kingdom of Purpurian served as a bulwark against further invasions of the Barlans peoples and the Dark Legion in the demons of Hortann.