I.N.U-Galactic (NYSE: INU) is a EAN space-transport company funded in the year 3379 a.aH, Its common stock is component of the Industrial Consortium.

The corporation's headquarters is located in the Svear star system, EAN, 118.2 Svear, with an office in Vaidosa, 118.12.

Originally a Space-Line, INU-Galactic was a transport of personel line, but since the 3390s a.a.H, the company step into heavy space transport lifting, with the adquisition of intergalactic heavy-lift transport vehicles.

INU-Galactic VesselsEdit

The full 'Heraclian' class of Sebwak lifters consisted of:

YP-96026 "Augeus"

YP-96027 "Cerberus", Ship lost in the Cerberus Incident.

YP-96028 "Cerynitis"

YP-96029 "Cretan"

YP-96030 "Diomedes"

YP-96031 "Erymanthian"

YP-96032 "Geryon"

YP-96033 "Hesperides"

YP-96034 "Hippolyta"

YP-96035 "Lernaean"

YP-96036 "Nemean"

YP-96037 "Stymphallian"

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