One of the better kept secrets of the ruling classes of the Nebulosa of Ots its the Immortality Code. Developed at the 3438 by GENTEK, it later became available to the corporate elite of the CONIN and the ruling classes of Stornkold, EUS and the EAN.

While for long the Philosopher stone of science, to extend the live and try to reach immortality -or a significant extension of life, as was the case of experiments with Aenian elves-, while was achieved important extensions of the life expectancy -up to 120 standard years for bio-humans- and was delayed aging -a 80 year old man with a body as healthy as a 60 years old-, it wasn't enough.

While with clones -officially, Artificial humans- could be eliminated many of the degenerative diseases which humans are subjected in old age, biological, unmodified humans weren't able to enjoy these advances -unless severe bio-mechanic modifications where made-, and despite all the science, all the advances, the body and mind decayed, and finally died.

The Immortality Code which was developed GENTEK wasn't really immortality of the body, but of the mind: using super-computers to replicate a human brain with all its information and memories, in case of death of the subject from which was made a memory save, they could use a clone -normally specifically designed for this role, a "blank clone" without conditioning and memories of its own, but some extremely unethical experiments were conducted on clones with their own memories and personalities-, which had a memory synch: all the memories will be uploaded in the clone to the point of the last memory save.

The body could be destroyed, but as long the memory saves were safe in the super-computer, the Immortality Code could be used.

This tech was kept secret due political interests, and as well, to avoid the ethical debate that would stir -and as well, a possible legal debate around these "immortals" -or copies? it was still discussed- and their ability to be legal successors of their dead-previous selves.

Due the costs and limitations, this secret tech was only used for the higher ranking members of corporations and great national powers.

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