The Industrial Consortium, or CONIN, is an alliance of Corporations, industries and companies, which had as goals to defend the interests of the members of the CONIN, to control, limit and shape the market, and to do lobby and pressure groups in nations, to avoid measures to be taken against the CONIN and their member states, being founded at the 3367 a.a.H.

While is composed of Corporations, and not nations, and all sort of private companies, the CONIN have control of whole planets, as they have been licensed with colonisation patents by several nations, and the CONIN have their own armies and fleets, as the member companies have their own corporate armies, and the Private Military companies and Mercenary houses.

They interests rank all possible ones -legal and illegal alike-

These industries control the markets of the free colonies and smaller nations, being influential in some of the bigger empires: as well, they equip the armies and fleets of many nations.

Their armies and industries are crewed by Artificial humans, provided by the companies dedicated to cloning -Kasparov CIA shiks, GENTEK clones, Klein Shine delmen-, but there is discussion -and often encounters- with the robotic industries -the WK.Serie robots of WK.CORP and their terrible Composites, flesh and machine, or the robots and androids of Klein Shine.-

With an estimated of about 15.000 companies being part of the CONIN, dedicated to all areas of the economic live, some of the main members -which, aside of their specific area, normally have interests in all areas of economy-, are:

  • Azimuth Pharmaceuticals
  • CONMI, the Nortenz Mine Corporation from Nortenz, dedicated to the extraction of minerals and fossile fuels, and as well to the refination of these products for consume. The CONMI have mercenary companies and can field armies of worker-conscripts and corsairs, having as well a private fleet to escort their transports.
  • GENTEK or Gentech, a Stornkold company dedicated to the genetical manipulation and bio-enginering, monopolic suppliers of Stornkold clones, as well one of the more respected companies in matter of their advances of clonation -and one of the less ethical in said advances-. GENTEK doesn't have armies on their own, but contract important mercenary houses, equipped -and compossed- of GENTEK clones.
  • Grupp, Grupp House Steelworks, a Kalingian metallurgical industry dedicated to production of heavy machinery, having as well important military contracts with the diverse Nutk states and other nations. The Grupp-group doesn't have paramilitary forces in their own, but do equip other members of the CONIN. As well, they have a seat in the Congress of the EUN, and are an important group of pressure in the Nutk Confederation
  • Kasparov CIA, A Spozten-bassed company, dedicated to genetic works, clonation and colonization of worlds (from the creation of the flora and fauna, to the creation of population and exploitation of it's resources), it's one of the main producers of artificial humans for corporations, along with their main rivals of GENTEK and Klein Shine. They field corporative armies and fleets compossed of shiks.
  • Klein Shine, from the DSC, dedicated originally to the entertainment industries, it have as well important interests in robotic and clonation. They field important armies and fleets, crewed by their delmen artificial humans, androids and robots.
  • MAGO, the Maestranzas Goffianas from the Alianza, company dedicated to the aeroespacial and military industry. They have paramilitary forces of their own.
  • Ñaño's y CIA, a fast food chain. They hire mercenary forces and corsairs.
  • Olish & Cía, a fast food chain originally, who have become one of the main corporations dedicated to the agro-industry and food production.
  • Rhodia Waffen Firma or RWF, a Military industry dedicated originally to the production of armament..
  • SOTOK, a retail, bank and supermarket company from Spotzen. They hire mercenary forces.
  • UNARCO, originally a state-company from Spotzen, the UNARCO is a heavy industry dedicated to military gear, aeroespacial, spaceships, construction of space stations, computation and technology, robotic and much more. They have a Private Army and fleet.
  • WK.CORP robotic, technology, mineral extraction and metallurgical company, producer of military equipment and spaceships, the WK.CORP was founded in the 3364, in Ruhenia. They field armies of some mercenary forces, supported by legions of battle robots of the WK.Serie.

Linked to the CONIN, are Mercenary houses such as

While the CONIN try to have an undertsanding between their members, clashes between the different companies are common, only gathering when a real threat is launched against their interests, from either the North-Nutk Union, the Bazik Cartel or other groups.