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The Inner Sanctum Trio serve the unnamed aged priestess that succeeded the treacherous Selene Paen'Dhirra as Head of the Temple of Doom. Ash'ni is the slave most clearly depicted. The other two's identities are not firmly established.

The Inner Sanctum Trio Negeémiliel, circa 2428, 2429 a.a.H.

The Inner Sanctum Trio, or The Three Temple Slaves are three temple slaves who served the Former High Sorceress of the Temple of Doom in the capital Drow city of Negeémiliel, and an aged High Priestess who served as head of the temple afterwards.

These three drow slaves had a role in the Maylara Maltree story; and were very near to political events.

Temple of Doom SlavesEdit

The religious institutions of the theocracy of Negeémiliel are served by slaves just as almost every aspect of society in this drow city state. A difference is that the State's Cult of Negeé trains slaves from childhood so as they are well 'programmed' to be both loyal slaves, and fanatically loyal to the service of the matron goddess Negeé. As a result, the slaves are highly trusted within the confines of the temples where they serve.

The Temple of Doom is the center of religious worship in the city, the leading temple to the State religion. As a result, the best of the slaves trained and devoted to the service of Negeé are assigned there.

The Three Temple SlavesEdit

The three slaves specifically selected as personal slaves by the High Sorceress Selene Paen'Dhirra, were named Ash'ni, Sash'ara, and Lana. They were selected primarily because they were tall and busty women that appealed to the High Sorceress and were used by her sexually as well as for mundane housekeeping purposes within the personal apartments within the inner sanctum of the temple.


The three adopted vain, 'airheaded' sexually decadent personas to please their principal mistress. Of the three slaves, Ash'ni was the most sexually motivated and the dominant personality, acting as a leader of the three.

The personalities and identities of Sash'ara and Lana have not been well established. They seem to have become cooperative friends based on their service as a unit.


Body TypeEdit

The three slaves all have similar body types, in that they are tall and have large breasts. They also seem to be more dark skinned than average. They were selected by the High Sorceress on these sets of physical criteria.

Sexual SkillsEdit

The Temple of Doom has an interior school for slaves called the "House of Pleasure" where slaves intended for such use learn the intricacies of love making. A percentage of the temple slaves, both males and females, are trained there, and are used for the needs of the Acolytes serving in the great temple. The Temple of Doom is a citadel, it has many self contained functions. It is known that Ash'ni, Sash'ara and Lana were graduates of advanced teachings of the House of Pleasure.

Sleep via Auto-Suggestion?Edit

The three slaves have the ability to fall asleep when ordered. It was hypothesized if this was some spell at work, but has never been definitively established. It is possible that such auto-sleep is the result of training?



Almost nothing is known of these three slaves. As temple slaves, they must have been born slaves or slaves since early childhood, well versed in providing service. It is very likely that many or most of the temple slaves are the descendants of other temple slaves. This would further explain the tight-knit relations they have, and the loyalty they have towards the temple establishments that they serve.

In the year 2424 a.a.H. or in the following years leading up to 2428 a.a.H., these three slaves, together or separately, were selected by Selene Paen'Dhirra from amongst the hundreds of temple slaves assigned to the Temple of Doom, probably entirely on their physical characteristics of being young, tall, particularly dark skinned, busty, drow girls. Once ensconced in the inner sanctum, they served the High Sorceress's needs.

They may or may not have known each other well before coming to serve the High Sorceress Selene.

Maylara MaltreeEdit

In the first half of 2428 a.a.H., the drow agent Maylara Maltree had infiltrated the Temple of Doom by posing as a temple slave. She was observed by the High Sorceress and was taken into the inner sanctum, this security breach was possible because as a supposed temple slave, Maylara was seen as being completely trustworthy.

The three slaves of this harem of the High Sorceress gave Maylara some 'on the job' instruction on how to please Selene Paen'Dhirra. After satisfying the High Sorceress, Maylara was able to obtain the information that she was looking for, although the unwanted presence of Ash'ni nearly spoiled the mission of the spy.

After the Senatorial 'self-coup d'état' took place, (see Dahl'Arak Coup) and High Sorceress Selene was removed from her position, presiding over the temple, an aged priestess of Negeé was set in place as head of the Temple of Doom. The Inner Sanctum Trio continued to serve in the personal apartments of the head of the temple.

After the Dahl'Arak CoupEdit

As the three were doubtlessly privy to some great secrets of Selene Paen'Dhirra, it is possible that the three were kept together to contain any secrets that they held and not resorting to killing them? It is also possible that they continued to serve the new priestess as they might be useful fonts of knowledge about some schemes and personalities of the Populist party?

Current StatusEdit

The three slaves continue to serve in the personal apartments of the inner sanctum to the Temple of Doom. The old priestess that they now serve makes far less demands of them as sex slaves, and more mundane uses for them as servants. The aged priestess is meant to be a political puppet, selected for being aged and for having lived outside the capital city and its politics, serving as head of a small temple far from political influence. It is possible that she wishes to use the three slaves for what knowledge of politics and personalities they can tell her in regards to Negeémi affairs?

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