Jauna Zeme is the seventh planet of the Kharazi star system, 57.7. It was an Aiers-type planet that had further terraformations to be adapted for human life, having a relative sizeable population since it's settlement.

Jauna Zeme have two moons, that are relatively little explored, having sizeable ice caps on their poles. The two moons are not yet given names, and bear only the codes of Jaunā Zeme Universal Massives Register; JZP-3381 and CSP-3383.

The colonization of Jauna Zeme began with private capitals and investors from the Jauna Zeme Colonizaction Company, under a license of Spotzen at the 3379, but will later achieve independence at the 3417 a.a.H. Unlike other former EUS colonies which became independent at that opportunity, joining the socialist Galactic Union of Nations, due the corporate and capitalistic nature of Jauna Zeme Colonization Company, instead they will become an independent, multinational planet, loosely aligned into the Paternic Free Colonies.

Jauna Zeme wasn't only a human colony, existing a sizeable Aenian population.


An Aiers-type planet, discovered in year 3378 a.a.H by explorers of the Norodor Empire, but will be later claimed by Spotzen, nation who liscenced the colonization of the aiers-type planet to private capitals, that will form the Jaunā Zeme Colonization Company (JZCC).

The name of Jaunā Zeme after a suggestion by one of the leading chairmen of Jaunā Zeme Colonization Company (JZCC). During its first decade, the planet's colonists had established an almost socialist rule, as in "working together to terraform Jaunā Zeme for the future generations", so the first period of Jaunā Zeme went in the planet's history as a time of relative peace and stability, since every colonist group, working under the supervision of JZCC, were doing their part on developing Jaunā Zeme in every corner of the planet. In Jaunā Zeme history books, this period would be called The Development Era.

By the time of the planet's development reaching the supposed peak, Jaunā Zeme was attracting the attention of various mega-corporations who already had invested interests in the JZCC, such as Kasparov CIA, GENTEK and others, who saw Jaunā Zeme as a place to release their potential. On December 20th, 3384, Jaunā Zeme was first visited by Kasparov CIA delegates to sign a contract with JZCC to supply their organization with artificial human labor force in order to speed up the development and colonization of Jaunā Zeme. After long trials of processes and agreements, JZCC, in association with Kasparov CIA, created a joint colony organization, which was responsible for equal distribution of goods and services among the colonies, as well as governing the relations between them. Thus, the establishment of Jaunā Zeme Top Senate was carried out.

At the year 3409, with the expansion of Spotzen in the deep space and their colonial race with the Nutks, Norodor Empire, the Alianza and the Free Colonies. To be more competitive, Spotzen make a privatization of the colonies, giving large powers to settle and govern the colonies to megacorporations.                  

The arrival of mega-corporations on Jaunā Zeme created positive conditions for a capitalist market, and soon the largest companies would become rivals, trying to create more, better, and establishing more intergalactic connections.  This was often achieved at the expense of artificial human labor, which did not always met the conditions of work ethics, and neither to the Laws of Spotzen.

This made grew tensions between the local oligarchy and the interests of the JZCC and corporations locally represented and the relatively new colonial organization of Spoten, the EUS or United States of Spotzen. These tensions will lead to the secession and independence of Jauna Zeme at the year 3417, in which the local oligarchies, seeing as the EUS failed to supress the secession of other colonies to the Galactic Union of Nations, they proclaimed their independence, free to make their own national laws and rules, where will play a key role the interests of the oligarchy in ruling the nations of Jauna Zeme.

Some of Jauna Zeme nations and colonies, where Kasparov CIA and other cloning corporations had gained a strong foothold, did even practice outright slavery of artificial humans; and the first shik decommissioning operations were recorded as soon as the year 3423. Even so, any illegal activities were kept invisible from the public eye of Jaunā Zeme, until the first shik uprisings would break out in the year 3426. The counter-reaction to these attempts to show the real situation of shiks on Jaunā Zeme were dealt in various ways: from isolation missions (such as The Final Resort polar island colonization project at Kamnøyfjell [initiated on January 13th, 3428]) to inhumane purges and small scale wars, carried out by either mercenaries of megacorporations, or by seemingly independent conscript force, like Anti-Rebellion Regiment of North Varyagia, formed in year 3328 as a response unit to the local shik rebellions, within the context of the Rebellion of the Clones.

While in most nations the clones rebellions will end around the 3434 a.a.H, the local oligarchies that ruled the Jauna Zeme nations and local branches of the corporations only gave limited rights, which will explain the continuation of some pockets of resistence among Artificial Humans, who demanded the granted rights and bill of rights of Artificial Humans that where signed to be respected, being some of the larger Artificial Humans rebellions of Jauna Zeme at the 3438, four years after the official end Ots-wide of the Rebellion of the Clones.

The War of LiesEdit

In the year 3440, a lone ballistic nuclear missile fell down on a remote island about 250 kilometers away from Gerecas, a neighboring country of South Varyagia and a close ally. It was later proven that the missile was of Goelithian origin; even so, this act of unprovoked hostility was pardoned, as there were no civilian casualties in the attack. Although no Goelithian forces units had actually landed on Jaunā Zeme for further military operations, as many industries and companies of Jauna Zeme traded and provided supplies and equipment with the Goeliathian Coalition despise the CONMI ban, the megacorpororations of the Industrial Consortium seeked to enforce the Goeliathian Blockade and strike local competitors, and for this will begin with a serie of terrorists strikes made by WK.CORP Operatives, claiming to be Jauna Zeme ultranationalists. By propaganda and control of the mass media, the CONMI will gain support of many countries of Jauna Zeme that where under their sphere of influence -while other countries will refuse taking part in any of the activities proposed by the CONMI- , and was used the war by different organizations as a good opportunity to use the confusion of the Jaunā Zeme people to aid in the war against the clone rebellions. Soon, would be spread propaganda, calling the artificial human rebels "the spies of Goeliathian side", "the Goelithian-bred saboteurs" and "Goeliath-funded terrorists". The Clone Rebellions were worrying the somewhat corrupt Jaunā Zeme Top Senate as well, and on June 29th, 3443, the war "against Goelithian agents on Jaunā Zeme" officially started with the invasion of corporative forces of the JZCC in South Libērika.

During the war, several man-made cataclysms took place due to direct or indirect attacks, as the Karēlistiya Nuclear Facility meltdown (year 3444; ~100 instant casualties, North Karēlistiya rendered uninhabitable due to radioactivity-mutated bacteria outbreak, its 6,000,000-people-large population relocated to the neighboring countries and cities; the establishment of Farkrast Territory of Excessive Risk of Radioactivity Accumulation (TERRA)); Rice Sea Gulf oil crisis by the shores of North Poti (year 3445; about 120 km2 of sea territory contaminated by oil leak from a -missile-ruptured pipeline; 30 days of non-extinguishable fire by the North Poti Oil Refinery; the fire spread further to North Poti bamboo forests, destroying 250 square miles of it), and the melting of the Eskimo Ocean Ice Shelf; which raised the overall sea level on Jaunā Zeme by 2,5 meters.

The War of Lies ended in 3446, claiming a large deathtoll, thus becoming one of the most brutal wars on Jaunā Zeme.

The Jaunā Zeme OpennessEdit

The lessons learned in the War of Lies was like a shocking reminder of the fragility of Jaunā Zeme and just how unprotected it is in the times of internal struggle. Due to this fact, a lot of Jaunā Zeme Top Senate were relieved of their duties, while the people responsible for the allowing of the war to happen, were even tried and persecuted (5 former leaders of their countries were sentenced to death after discovering their secret documents and contracts signed with Kasparov CIA and JZCC). The election for a new Top Senate went as long as three years, during which the people of Jaunā Zeme were repairing the damage done by the war. During the conflict, large territories of Jaunā Zeme were destroyed, ravaged and burned to ground, while others emerged from the war relatively intact. There were no real victors in the conflict on Jaunā Zeme, but the hard lessons learned paved the way for crucial reforms in Jaunā Zeme Top Senate. The reforms seemed to take over the cultural life of Jaunā Zeme as well - instead of greedy consumerism and oligarch lifestyle propaganda, the culture life of Jaunā Zeme gained a prominent feel of being more humble and humane, since the old regime of international oligarchy proved to be the main cause for the civilian unrest clone rebellions, inequality and mass hatred. The government influencing power of megacorporations decreased greatly after the war, leading to Jaunā Zeme Colonization Company seizing to exist as such. Instead, the few remaining representatives of former JZCC established a more fitting organization - Jaunā Zeme Development Pact Organization (JZDPO).

The most important JZDPO's reform was largelly to finally adopt the Bill of Artificial Human Rights of the 3434, with some modifications as that no artificial humans would be sold as mere commodities/slaves to physical or juridical personae, with exceptions of certain adoption rules (infertility of the couple) and live force replenishment needs (in case a natural disaster inflicted a large casualty toll on a certain area, JZDPO gave permission to use shiks to replenish the decreased population). As well, JZDPO, in cooperation with Top Senate, made rules that it would be allowed for Jaunā Zeme scientists to establish their own independent cloning companies and use their own production in times of need, like Chevallia had already been doing for some time.


Jauna Zeme is a multinational world, which had the Jaunā Zeme Top Senate as an international forum, and as well to represent the interests of Jauna Zeme toward the Nebulosa of Ots

  • North Liberika

- Innuyitia

  • South Liberika
  • Polar Experimental Artificial Human Colony Union (PEAHCU)
- Chukchia
- Eskimatai
- Fjørdcold
- Salapolis
- Friiseren
- Holodniy Kray
  • Varyagian Union
- North Varyagia
- South Varyagia
- East Varyagia
- West Varyagia
- Varyagian Taiga Earthship Republics (VaTER)
  • Chevallia
  • Great Anglonia
- Ereland
- Cotslend
- Angloni
  • Northland Alliance
- Vallway
- Vunden
- Vinmark
- Vindland
  • Karēlistiya
- Farkrast Territory of Excessive Risk of Radioactivity Accumulation (TERRA)
  • Gerecas
  • Montigor
  • Welth-Baronreich
  • Roomernia
  • Bedopast
  • Chervenogor
  • Orientalstan Republic Union
- South Poti
- North Poti
- Chingolia
- Taipania
- Shintam
- Sungshiba
- Hintayo
  • Ambercoast Democratic Republics
- Latonija
- Litvhenia
- Egownia
- Polenderia
  • The Free Republics of Western Ocean
- Wakikki
- Ganmascara
- New Continent
- New Serunsiland
- Kabotalia
  • Jaunā Zeme Desert Nation Alliance
- Shekelestan
- Crescentia
- Meeran
- North Oasis
- South Oasis
- Kalifkey
- Romacca
- El-Del-Juriy
- Kawahastan
- Indinestan
  • Coroosicopia (Jaunā Zeme neighbor planet)
- Sector North
- Sector South
- Sector East
- Sector West
- Sector Center
- Sector North-U
- Sector South-U
- Sector Equatorium-U
- Sector Polar Cap North
- Sector Polar Cap South
  • Jaunā Zeme Moon (JZ-3450)
  • Coroosicopia Moon (CSP-3450)

Demographics Edit

The overall population of Jaunā Zeme is estimated at 900.000.000 inhabitants (data of year 3450) of various races and ethnic origins. With such population it's an important human settlement in it's sector.

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Jauna Zeme, their nations, organizations and history is a creation of the deviantArt user Kiborg-Graph, with a revised history and corrections to fit better the Nebula of Ots.

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