The KFw Valken was an early twin-engined bomber built by Kanwerp Flightworks of Kanwerp, Degoland, which first flew in 3143 A.a.H. and served during the Anglasecuarnian Wars. After its useful career as a bomber ended, a number of surplus Valken aircraft were converted into civilian airliners.


Following the moderate success of the earlier KFw Ormvrak observation aircraft, and faced with an increasing interest by the Degoland Royal Army into fixed-wing aviation, KFw started work on a twin-engined design in early 3142 A.a.H. Originally designed as a long-range observation aircraft, the emphasis of the design increasingly revolved around its capability to carry heavy loads over a long distance - a task for which flying beasts had long been found to be completely unsuitable.

The appearance of the Valken bomber in 3144 A.a.H., during the Anglasecuarnian Wars, was something of an unexpected shock for the Anglasecuarnian Alliance. Despite its slow speed and limited payload, the Valken managed to score a number of successes early in its career, most notably the unopposed bombing of the capital of Joaquintopian Sargos on October 4th 3144. Additionally, Wind Riders sent out against the Valken bombers soon experienced that the aircraft had considerable defences: their potential to cause damage as well as the difficulty with which they were knocked down made the Valken a highly prestigious prize among Anglasecuarnian Wind Riders and Hunter pilots.

Unfortunately, the Kanwerp Flightworks found itself unable to build Valken in considerable numbers, mostly due to fact its Alailë allies refused to deliver the engine required by the type in the quantities needed. As a result, Valkens were only available in dozens rather than the envisioned hundreds, and their impact on the course of the Anglasecuarnian Wars was only of a limited nature. By 3147, the Valken had become obsolete and was withdrawn from frontline service, although limited numbers remained in service into the 3150s, especially as patrol and liaison aircraft in the Degoland colony of Soldarmia.

Because of their relatively roomy fuselage and their considerable payload, a limited number of obsolete Valken bombers were also converted to light passenger and cargo aircraft.

KFW Valken specificationsEdit

  • Crew: 3 or 4
  • Length: 15.98 m
  • Span: 27.90 m
  • Height: 5.00 m
  • Wing area: 167 m²
  • Empty weight: 4500 kg
  • Loaded weight: 6000 kg
  • Powerplant: 2x Berenz Aurus III 5-cylinder water-cooled inline engine, 370 kW (496 hp) each.


  • Maximum speed: 180 kmh
  • Endurance: 5-7 hr cruise
  • Service ceiling: 3700 m
  • Wing loading: 35.9 kg/m²
  • Power/mass: 123.4 W/kg
  • Climb to 1000 m: 4 minutes 40 seconds


  • Guns: 2x 8 mm (0.315 in) KFw MG.30 machine guns
  • Bombs: 450 kg of bombs (2x 100 kg internal + 1x 250 kg external)

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