Crop Bareds Zarhuy by Shabazik

The mighty Kaiehm Mountain, stands tall amidst the plains and deserts of northern Zarhuy. Its meltwaters form rivers and streams that water the slopes and surrounding lands as a giant 'oasis', the Ure River being particularly important

Mount Kaiehm, is Aiers's highest mountain. Disconnected from other mountain ranges, the mountain stood alone between the Bareds and Antor, the mountain and its associated highlands forming a geologic barrier between the two regions. Its peak is 10,583 metres above sea level.


It was the ancestral home to the Kaiehm Green Orcs and the Dwarfs of Kaiehm. Diverse tribes of orcs, goblins and Beast People live along its slopes due to the plants and wildlife providing sustenance.



The great mountain is an enormous habitat amidst arid lands, a giver of life as well as a source of wonder. Water being very valuable in northern Zarhuy, and the Kaiehm mountain being an important source of water. The west side of the mountain produces sufficient snowmelt to generate a great river, the Ure River, that flows west across the Bareds to the Alan Ocean. Another River flows eastward and so the Mountain of Kaiehm and its two main rivers effectively cut the vast arid plains of northwest Zarhuy in half.

Other rivers are smaller, and most water gets entrapped in the folds of the hills and valleys surrounding the mountain, few of these secondary rivers radiate hundreds of kilometers beyond the mountain, becoming absorbed and evaporated in the aridity of the plains and deserts, even then, only as seasonal flows.

Importance for NomadsEdit

However, these small, short-term do provide enumerable oases for nomads about the mountain, and the southern side bordering the Plains of Antor provide a broad belt of land less arid than most of Antor and certainly more wet and life sustaining than the Ze-Berra deserts to the north of the mountain. Nomads of Antor, and even semi-nomadic peoples, journey to the southern hills of Kaiehm on a seasonal basis, or times of drought. Many tribes survive thanks to water from Kaiehm without ever entering Kaiehm lands itself.

Cultural ImportanceEdit

Place of AweEdit

Many tribal peoples of Zarhuy view the mountain as a holy place for its waters and as an 'Axis of the World'. It is indeed the 'roof of the world', and more than that, far and away the most massive singular mountain in the world. It might have more mass in its towering heights and broad base, rolling foothills about its base, than small mountain ranges.

It is all the more impressive for rising out of the vast and barren continental plains of Zarhuy that are both fairly flat and of lower elevation.

Trade CaravansEdit

Trade caravans following the Vanilion Road come near to the south east foothills of the great mountain. There, near the waters of the eastern flowing river, caravans rest, drink, and prepare to move across the river. Merchants use this time to trade with traders from Kaiehm, the river people, and nomads who approach for the opportunity to buy and sell.

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