The Kanwerp Flightworks, also known as KFw, were a Degoland aviation company, based in Kanwerp, Degoland. Founded in the early 3100s as a saddle-maker for Wind-Riders, the company soon developed light gliders and hot-air balloons.

During the Anglasecuarnian Wars, Kanwerp Flightworks built a number of observation balloons, light airships and aircraft for the Degolandic military, including the KFw Ormvrak single-engined bomber/ observation plane, the KFw Krage and KFw Corvus single-engined attack bomber, and the KFw Valken and KFw Ornen twin-engined bombers.

Kanwerp Flightworks also built a number of airliners based on their lines of twin-engined bombers, which were used at the start of commercial aviation in Degoland.

Early KFw designs all were wooden-framed, linen-covered biplanes, which used a pusher-engine configuration. Both the Ormvrak and Valken used engines initially designed for airships, which were heavy and had only a low power output: these engines were eventually license-built by KFw and considerably improved. For the Ornen bomber KFw designed a powerful and light engine called the Tornvalk which, after a difficult gestation, developed into one of the most powerful early aviation engines designed during the Anglasecuarnian and early Ignacian Wars.

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