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A Kdaimon fisherman mending nets. A typical Kdaimon of the original, more specific meaning

The Kdaimons were originally Humans from the Polforian coasts of the sea of Hieyokscream that were bent to serve demons. Later, the term became far more general to sometimes refer to most groups native Polforian humans. The largest distinction being that Kdaimons were seen as a slave or serf class as opposed warriors. Hence, Demon Servers such as the Amazons, or mixed humans that identified with the Kanov people, or Humans from Brûm were not considered Kdaimons, in large part because they could serve as warriors. The name 'Kdaimon' largely being considered a denigration and synonym for 'lowly human', or 'human serf'.



Poor fishermen, under the rule of the Dark Legion they will worship them as gods, but at the same time, as the Dark Legion was mostly an anti-human confederation, the presence of these human populations worried many of the members of the Confederation of Free Peoples -or Dark Legion-. Because of this, the demons overlords oppressed the kdaimons, trying to control the size of the population, making them into lowly serfs and slaves, subjects to heavy taxation and the "blood tribute" or Blood Tax, having to give their firstborn child to the demons -under normal conditions, as demons could take as many children as they saw fit- to serve the Dark Legion, in any role they saw fit, be as soldiers, slaves, sacrifices or any needed role.

Common AppearanceEdit

Because of the blood tribute though, it meant the presence of Kdaimon humans extended among all the demonic realms of Polforia, and while it originally was only used the word Kdaimon for the poor fishers of Hieyokscream, it would later become a common denominator for all the demon servers humans of Polforia, without much regard of their ethnic origin.

A Class not a StateEdit

Unlike the Nutks, or the Brûmer Humans, two other groups of human demon servers, the Kdaimons never had their own state, (or shared a state as an ethnicity as with the Humans of Brûm) and remained always in subject roles in the Dark Legion. As well in their military role, they mostly served in auxiliary roles rather than front-line soldiers, as many demons lords worried that if the Kdaimons were to learn to use weapons and military tactics, they would rebel against their demon masters -and indeed, there would be many Kdaimon peasant uprisings.-

However in general, the Kdaimons weren't known for their military virtues, or for being rebels, as they largely accepted as a divine state of things, to serve their demon-gods, and did so with resignation, and normally the Kdaimon peasant uprisings were related to subsidiary causes, and were mostly against their overseers rather than against the overarching demonic-ruled society.

Society Edit

Among the Kdaimons, there were two distinctive groups: the eastern Kdaimons, that had a patriarchal society, and the western Kdaimons, who were matriarchal.

Eastern Kdaimons Edit

Patriarchal society.

Western Kdaimons Edit

The Western Kdaimons had a matriarchal society, and were under the rule of the Amazons tribes -who often raided the kdaimon villages for tributes, men or to take girls to raise them as amazons-. While it was always different the relation between Kdaimons and the amazon tribes or queendoms, be as vassals, living among the amazon tribes or being in segregated settlements by gender, they remained in a subsidiary role regarding the Amazon tribes.



Descendants of the human settlements and kingdoms of Polforia that fell against the Kanovs during the Polforian kanov-human wars, when the demons arrived at Polforia and fought the Kanovs in the Kanovhook wars, many of the Kdaimons only saw it as a change of rulers, while others actively gave aid to the dark legion against the Kanovs.

Divided PolforiaEdit

After the First War of the Power, many of the Kdaimons that had been settled by the Dark legion in western and central Polforia will become serfs of the northwestern-Aelian humans and elven colonists, but as the Military Order of Nortender and the Church tried to impose the Karentian Christian faith, they will face many rebellions, which were violently crushed, which made the resentment to grow, while the eastern Kdaimons remained under the demonic rule of the Dark Legion remnant states, until the Second Coming of Darkness.

Second War of the PowerEdit

With the coming of the Second War of the Power, with the reunification of the Dark Legion, a great need for obedient soldiers and freer and more innovative roles for workers, changed the situation somewhat. The early reversals of the war, such as the Battle of the plains of Sargos, and the Battle of the Hundred Lakes, and general disunity of Dark Legion states, and the Bazrrods made it necessary to compete for affection with velvet gloves as well as the figurative use of 'the stick'. There were also examples of other Demon Servers such as the Nutks, and Brûmer Humans who were less oppressed, which will make relatively better the situation of the Kdaimon serfs of the Dark Legion.

The CataclysmEdit

They will disappear as a distinguishable ethnic group after The Cataclysm.

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