Kerg, born Avrim (ca 2424 Öster Gate - ?) was a half-ogre, half-elf warrior who fought under the banners of the Dark Legion of Demons during the Second War of the Power.

Early lifeEdit


Born to a Grey elf mother called Beatrix, and an unknown Ogre father in an Elferie of Öster Gate in the Kingdom of Huncle, Avrim lost his mother to disease at an early age. As an outcast in the Elferie, he ran away. Avrim would end up mistakenly adopting the name of "Kurg" or "Kerg", misunderstanding the slur "Cur" (mongrel dog) for his name. Kerg would roam the towns of Western Polforia for a number of years, surviving by begging on the streets and stealing, usually staying in one place until he was chased out.

Street lifeEdit

During his stay at one town, Kerg encountered a young orphaned halfbreed girl, half-human, half-demon (Succubus) by the name of Urchin, who was a beggar just like himself. He soon became protective towards her, considering her as a younger sister, and named her Dolores or Dolly, which was the middle name of his mother. Together, the pair would beg, or Dolly would use her Succubus's aura to persuade people into giving alms, while Kerg would steal food or money to aid them survive.

Kerg and Dolly would remain together for a number of years, until Dolly was found by Demons and taken away for the Blood Tax. When this happened, Kerg was heart-broken, left only with his sister's bracelet as a memento of her. He holds this item very dear.


Kerg set out to find Dolly in a naive attempt at trying to reclaim her. This did not go well for the poor boy who was captured and enslaved while roaming the wilderness.

Kerg was bought by an unknown master and he serves his mistress for a number of years. During this time, he matures, and learns to fight. He learns to use his tail in a fight and develops a form of tail-fu. While learning to use weapons, Kerg did not have a knack for swords, but soon found comfort in axes, in clubs and learns to dual-wield them. He is left to fend for himself to test his survival skills, and put in life or death situations. He becomes battle-hardened and able to defend himself. With this newfound strength, he intends to track down Dolly.

Author Edit

Kerg is a character created by the former deviantArt user TheStripelesstiger, who holds all the rights to the character. As he closed his deviantArt account, he took as well his creation from the world of Aiers.

NOTE: All of the events in this article may or may no longer be canon due to the author's decision to withdraw his character from the World of Aiers.

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