The Star System of Kharazi it's a star system located in the Nebulosa of Ots, in the outer core. It's the System 57 of the Nebulosa of Ots.

Originally claimed by the Auswelt.ICR, who discovered it, the first permanent settlements where instead from Spotzen, who claimed the system, remaining under Spotzen rule until the 3417 a.a.H, when several of the EUS colonies ceseded, some joining the Galactic Union of Nations or remaining independent. Despise the independence of these colonies, the GUN claims their hegemony over the star system.

The Star System of Ots is compossed of 14 planets.

Kharazi I Edit

Kharazi II Edit

Kharazi III Edit

Kharazi IV Edit

Helgate, Kharazi V Edit

Helgate, (57.5) it was a terrestrial planet, being an independent world, member state of the LCP. It was settled during the 3397 a.a.H by a pruvate company under Spotzen liscence, gaining as well independence at the 3417 a.a.H with the indepentist movements that shaked the region. It would be heavily industrialized, and the same industrialization efforts have staggered the terraformation of the planet, ruled by corporations, a corrupt government and facing insurgency.

Corooscopia, Kharazi VI Edit

Corooscopia, (57.6) it's the name both for a Gas Giant planet and it's main satellite, the Moon of Corposcoopia, that's settled.

Jauna Zeme, Kharazi VII Edit

Jaunā Zeme, (57.7) it was an Aiers-type planet that had further terraformations to be adapted for human life, having a relative sizeable population since it's settlement in the 3379 a.a.H, by a private company under Spotzen liscence, the JZCC, which gained independence at the 3417 a.a.H in the form of a multi-national world, that was loosely aligned into the LCP, to resist presures of the GUN or the EUS until the Devart Sector War. By the 3450 a.a.H, after an explosive growth it had a population of 900,000,000 inhabitants, being the most populated world of the star system.

Jauna Zeme wasn't only a human colony, existing a sizeable Aenian population.

New Kharazi, Kharazi VIII Edit

New Kharazi, (57.8) it a terraformed Aiers-type world, member-state of the LCP. It was the first settled planet on this system, being the star system named after it. Heavily industrialized, it reached independence in the 3417 a.a.H from the EUS -in a great deal, independence was due the interests of some of the megacorporations present in New Kharazi. -the mightiest of them being Azimuth Pharmaceuticals, that it's said control in a great deal the government.-

The planet suffered heavily the Rebellion of the Clones.

Kharazi, IX Edit

Kharazi, X Edit

Kharazi, XI Edit

Kharazi, XII Edit

Skavravda, Kharazi XIII Edit

Skavravda, (57.13) it's an Ice Giant, which remained as a colony of the EUS, even in the wake of the Independences of the 3417 a.a.H. It's an important Kasparov CIA base of operations.

The planet suffered heavily the Rebellion of the Clones.

Kharazi XIV Edit

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