Kleineng (Popular Republic Kleineng, Ninki no kyôwakoku Kleinengku)  is an eastern Hieyoks nation. It lies by the Sea of Robgorov, south to Robgorov, east from Trutsia and north of Bina



The state of Kleineng was founded at the 3121 a.a.H, in continental Hieyoks, by members of the traditional feudal and military aristocracy from the Airuzu archipielago, dissafected from the Empire of Hamu, who rejected the concessions given by the Emperor to Aelian powers in regard to the aperture of ports to foreign trade, presence of missionaries and other concessions given to foreigners since the 3108 a.a.H treaties, that where seen as an insult to the honor of Hamu.

These dissafected feudal, traditional aristocratic and military class rejected  as well the attempts of centralization of the Imperial dynasty at the archipelago, and the modernization in several points of their society that menaced their privileges –such as the modernization of the agrarian world and armed forces of Hamu-

The presence of Airuzu settlers in mainland Hieyoks wasn’t something new at all, and have existed since centuries settlements of Airuzujin in several points, that while the Binese Empire was powerful, where considered vassals of that foreign power.

But with the decay of the Binese empire, due religious strife and foreign aelian powers, the chaotic opportunity was seen as an opportunity to the malcontent members of Hamu:

An at 3121 a.a.H, landed the armies of several feudal lords of Hamu on continental Hieyoks, in the region of Kleineng –a region mostly populated by Jamonese settlers and fishermen-, proclaiming the creation of an independent state of Kleineng, independent of both the Binese Empire and Jamon.

Quickly in this state, the malcontent feudal lords of Jamon replicated their traditional institutions, as this state was done precisely to keep safe their traditions, being seen by foreign Aelian press this new state as barbaric and ludite, as they rejected modernization in all aspects, wanting a revitalization of traditional values, moral and culture of Jamon, even if in other state.

Almost as soon Kleineng became an independent state, there where problems: the imperialist Aelian powers saw their own plans for Kleineng to be abruptly cut down by these independent feudal lords, and they demanded both to Bina and Jamon to put an end to this new state: but Bina, divided in civil war, couldn’t send their imperial armies, and neither Jamon was in the moment capable of sending their own forces across the sea, as their fleet was in process of reconstruction.

The war that was brewing, will finally explode at the 3128 a.a.H, when the aristocracy of Kleineng wanted to expand their sphere of influence beyond this small state on the shores of northern Bina, but beyond, aiming to Klauseng.

Kleineng WarEdit

The Kleineng War was an armed conflict fought at the 3128-3130 a.a.H, only years after the foundation of Kleineng.


Ethnic majority of Aruzujin.

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