Lóngyuè is the third and largest moon from the gas giant planet Devann, in the Shèngli Xing / Skelletea Star System, being its standard notation 135.4.3 (Star system 135, Planet 4, Moon 3)


Thd Skelletea Star System was first explored by the Nutk Union (EUN) in the late 3360's, who did a land claim of the whole system. However, there are claims that the Nodorian Star Fleet at least once passed across the star stystem.

However, as later miner prospectors from the United States of Spotzen (EUS) discovered rich amounts of Stornkoldio mineral in the planets of the star system, minining companies and freelancers hurried to Skelletea.

As well, this interested the Norodor Empire (IMP), who will do the first permanent human settlement in Skelletea (called Shèngli Xing by the Nodorian colonial authorities) in the planet Sax-Xiao, at the 3376.

Due this, the EUN will settle their own colony on planet Skelletea.

Soon, there will be some skirmishes between the EUN and the Norodor Empire for the control of the Empire, disputes that will go unsolved and remain as tensions, with a unnoficial truce in which neither side reinforced their possition with the presence of capital fleets.

Meanwhile, the big mining megacorporations as the CONMI (Mineral Consortium), UNARCO and WK.CORP, who displaced the smaller mining companies and free lancers from the more richest mining areas

Settlement of the Hazy MoonEdit

The Gas Giant planet, Devann, unlike the other 6 worlds of the star system, lacked the precious Stornkoldio, and as such, was completely ignored by the corporations and nations.

The mineral prospectors visited as well the moons of Devann, and while the two smallest ones proved to have some amounts of Stornkoldio, in the third Moon of Devann, the amounts where minor, and was determined that a large scale explotation by the large megacorporations wouldn't provide as much profits as investing in other of the richer mines of the system.

Because of this, the third Moon of Devann became one of the last havens to the freelancer miners who had been displaced by the megacorporations.

Then, from some mining camps, slowly evolved what would be the first permanent settlement of the Third Moon at the 3380

Haven for smugglersEdit

The Mega Corporations keept a strict control over their mining sites, and as well, of the live of ther miners and employees, who while earned much money, didn't had much oportunities to spend them, until they finished their contracts and returned to their homeworlds. The hard miners life.

This was something noted by some of the failed and displaced freelancer miners of the Third Moon of Devann, and some of them began growing fresh food in greenhouses, to later try to sell the cabbages to some of the large corporations mining camps.

One would be surprised, how some green cabbages caused such sensation, and soon in the Third Moon of Devann, most people will turn to produce food for the mining camps, rather than to exploit their own, poorer law minerals.

Then began the terraforming process, to give an atmosphere to the Third Moon, and quickly, from only some fresh, green food and later meat, they will diversificate to cover all sorts of demands, exchanging these products with the needy miners of the mega corporations, in exchange of stolen stornkoldio or mining gear, or money

The Lawless MoonEdit


The Corporative Invasion and RuleEdit


Lóngyuè, Nodorian ColonyEdit


Independence: Devann Republic of LóngyuèEdit



The creator of Lóngyuè is ToniBabeloni.

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