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Laisha the Succubus Queen, with the city of Roccasone burning in the background

Laisha The Succubus, also known later in life as Laisha Kolchas, the Succubus Queen  of Skallgard. She was a Soul Shard of the Bazrrod demon lord Kolchas, Vessel of Kolchas, Demon Lord, General of the Dark Legion, stateswoman and demonic princess, Mistress of Skallgard, the Garden of Skulls.

Laisha The SuccubusEdit


Laisha was created from a soul shard of the Bazrrod demon lord Kolchas, during the Dark Age of Demons. She served him as a lieutenant of his legions during the First War of the Power. While she served him well, Kolchas was known among the demon princes for being very irascible, paranoid to the extreme (seeing betrayal and conspiracies at every corner) and a tyrant to everyone who served under him-one of the reasons why he needed many soul shards, as unlike other servants, their destiny was linked to his so they couldn't possibly betray him-. As succubus of Kolchas, Laisha had to endure many humiliations. However, during the final campaigns of the war in Polforia, when the tide of the war had irremediably turned in favor of the Whide Axis, Kolchas would pay the price for his irrational and ungrateful behavior. Surrounded by the armies of the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis (see: Empire of Whide Axis), his royal Guard -including Laisha- decided to desert him in battle, preferring not to share his fate and escape his destiny.

After the Great WarEdit

In the years immediately following the war, she hid along with other succubae, until she finally joined the remnant demonic forces of Tempo-Katzooine, where she took refuge with many of the demons who survived the catastrophe that was the First War of The Power. In this army, she took part in the wars between the remnants of the Dark Legion during the Middle Human Age.

The Witch King of Dol-NurEdit

When Tempo-Katzooine finally surrendered to the Witch King of Dol-Nur, she switched sides and joined his legions. Under this new master, she joined the expeditionary force that broke free the demon lords from their exile in Mount Satanmet on Demonatch island. There, the demon lords had been kept prisoner without their physical bodies, reduced only to their core: their Soul Stones. One of them was Kolchas. While all the other demon lords were given a physical body once more, the Soul Shards of Kolchas feared his wrath if he would return as well. It was doubtful he would have forgiven them for their desertion in battle.

The Witch King of Dol-Nur, who back in the day had been a rival of Kolchas, made it seem as if he acceded to the pleas of the Soul Shards, and kept Kolchas as a Soul Stone. In reality, he had always had other plans for his fellow demon lord.

The Fall of RoccasoneEdit

Actions of Espionage and CorruptionEdit

Laisha played an important role during the fall of Roccasone. She was the main contact between the demonic legions and Prince Valerian, prior to the invasion, convincing him to betray his father, King Tibal, under the promise of Immortality. As a sign of this pact, she inserted a Werewolf officer of the Dark Legion, Pumori of the White Fang ,into the human kingdom to deliver the Soul Stone of Kolchas to Valerian and start a campaign of urban guerilla, which would lead to the assassination of King Tibal himself.

Laisha Takes the Kolchas Soul StoneEdit

However, as Prince Valerian of Roccasone prepared himself to became a Vessel of Kolchas and thus become the demon lord of the new demon city, Laisha manipulated the Dark Legion Captain Pumori of the White Fang , making use of her hatred for Roccasone and the royal family, to interrupt the dark ritual and to kill Valerian. With him gone, Laisha herself stepped in and took Kolchas's soul stone, becoming herself the Vessel of Kolchas.

Laisha Kolchas, The Succubus QueenEdit

Laisha Becomes a QueenEdit

As Vessel of Kolchas, Laisha became known as Laisha Kolchas, the Succubus Queen of Skallgard aka the Garden of Skulls, formerly known as Roccasone. As she was only a Soul Shard and not a great demon lord, she needed and received the assistance of the Witch King of Dol-Nur to not be taken over by Kolchas in the union of her shard to the soul stone. In exchange, she was more than happy to become a vassal of Dol-Nur.

Ruling Skallgard would not be easy for her. The damaged city would need to be rebuilt, largely on the backs of its former citizens, now having become slaves of the Dark Legion. The city would indeed almost turn upside down, as the new free people of Skallgard would largely consist of Goblinoids of Polforia. The 'typical' free inhabitant being female Green Orcs following the departure of the Dark Legion through the Degoland Pass. Although an enormous variety of peoples came to live in the half vacated city, with demons as its rulers.

The city was meant to be used as a resupply depot and launching point for the Dark Legion. It meant that it was largely stripped bare, while Laisha worked mightily to rebuild and resupply it, while again, armies would arrive, rest, and pass on through. As months went on in 2440, it would serve soldiers both coming and going between the Osorio Valley and Polforia. Laisha had much to do, and she did it very well, especially considering the hard circumstances.


Other high ranking demons were not happy with Laisha as she was seen as a 'jumped up Soul Shard'; her very existence as a Soul Shard demon that had 'enslaved' the Soul Stone of her master Kolchas was unnerving. Additionally, Laisha's rise happened without the approval of Satman, second in command of the Dark Legion. He, perhaps, saw her rise as an action of the newly promoted Witch King of Dol-Nur as a means of seizing more power at Satman's expense? Satman would send his emissary, Draco the Reluctant, to inspect Skallgard and give hard questions to Laisha over various matters, perhaps hoping to find as many faults as possible?

Attempted CoupEdit

Draco did, in fact, leave Skallgard personally satisfied as he liked most of what he saw and heard with Laisha's rebuilding and re-ordering efforts; he left with a positive report for Satman. Even so, fear and chaos broke out upon hearing of the supernatural destruction of the demon horde in the Battle of the plains of Sargos, with riots and violence taking place. Laisha established a strict martial law on one hand, and on the other, she tirelessly and personally traversed about the city to calm its residents. The city did indeed calm down and prepared for incoming Dark Legion soldiers, a probable siege, and the coming winter.

The demonic duke, General Vortigern was jealous of Laisha becoming a ruler of a city that he saw ought to be his to rule by right of conquest. To be fair, he had indeed spent many decades at war with human colonies founded in Polforia at the end of the First War of the Power, and felt entitled. He was a ranking officer that remained, and he tried to develop a coalition of fleeing armies and units to elevate himself and overthrow Laisha upon getting to Skallgard. However, Laisha arrived first and established herself as in control of both the reformed city, and much of the Degoland Pass. Leaders that Vortigern had sought to turn to his side would either go to Laisha's camp, or remain unaligned as they were more concerned with getting home alive than taking part in demonic squabbles.

Vortigern realized that he was outmaneuvered, and pretended to take on a conciliatory posture, and pledged to serve under Laisha in defending the Pass against the inevitable human counter-attack. But the day that he was to formally pledge fealty to Laisha, he instead plotted her overthrow. Laisha was alerted to this by Pumori of the White Fang, and Vortigern was defeated after an epic battle between the two demon lords.

Current StatusEdit


It is known that Laisha and Satman the Apprentice were successful in halting the human advance through the pass, the pass would be cut off from travel for decades with little campaigns being fought within it. Skallgard would remain a base for attacks on the Five Kingdoms, and a defense against those human kingdoms. Laisha would remain as the ruler of Skallgard, and would continue to be so, perhaps until the events of The Cataclysm, when all trace of the city was lost.


Unquestionably, Laisha would face further dangers in being a Soul Shard demon elevated to Bazrrod level and a ruler of her own domain. Indeed, she would have other Soul Shard demons of Kolchas hunted down and 'devoured' via their Soul Shard being assimilated back into the original demonic Soul Stone. This being done so as to appease the fallen demon lord, and add to her own power. But this likely made her the enemy of all her victims, potential victims and their allies and lords.

Speculations: It is possible that Laisha's handling of her city and the crisis of the retreat following the disaster of the Battle of the plains of Sargos and her serving host to Satman for his reincarnation and their dual fight against the oncoming soldiers of the Five Kingdoms made her favorable in Satman's eyes?

She also had a love/hate relationship with Pumori of the White Fang which would continue into the future, when Pumori borrowed a hundred skilled slaves from Skallgard to rebuild her castle, and also to begin work on her nascent city of Howls. Pumori would report that they had all died or had been killed, when she had, in fact, merely kept them in her service. It is believed that there were other happenings between the two as well.

Containing the Soul Stone of KolchasEdit

However, as a new entity, the new vessel of Kolchas, Laisha was now not just Laisha the Succubus but she was Kolchas as well. To appease him -and at the same time to make herself stronger- she hunted down the other soul shards of Kolchas 's royal guard that had once deserted him, taking their soul shards back to Kolchas, and raising her own power in the process. It has also been speculated that her games of blood sports and humiliations given to slaves might have a basis in appeasing Kolchas.


Laisha is the creation of Walt-Marsters