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Larylene, an eager Negeémi Drow Slave

Larylene (Negeémiliel ca 2380 ? - ? a.a.H.)

Larylene was a Drow slave owned by the Jabharil worshipping Cult of the Flower in Negeémiliel. She was a servant that was called upon to serve the temple sentries and often high ranking visitors and even the High priestess Ma'Az herself.

Her life would change radically upon encountering the Negeémi Senatorial Party spy, Maylara Maltree.

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Larylene in her uniform as a slave of House Dahl'Arak


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Larylene wearing her bright Orange Hoodie-with ears-that Maylara Maltree bought for her

  • Friendly
  • Lifelong Slave
  • Skilled at Lovemaking
  • Devoted to Jabharil
  • Efficient and likes to Keep Moving
  • Finds Security in Slavery
  • Fearful of Uncertainties
  • Desperate to Maintain High Standing
  • Not Likely to Ever Complain
  • Frustrated at Infrequent Personal Use
  • Sometimes Credulous and Idealistic
  • Wishes She was More Voluptuous

Physical DescriptionEdit

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Larylene Disappointed

  • Young
  • Slender
  • Short to Average in Height
  • Red Eyes and short, straight white hair
  • Soft features



Very little is known of Larylene's childhood, or precisely how old she is, other than that she is a young Drow woman. It is known that she was a slave from birth or very early childhood, making her a 'lifelong slave'. She received good training as a household servant, and is well acquainted with large operations using domestic slaves.

It has been speculated that Larylene has been owned by a number of differing organizations. This might have contributed to her desire for attachments? On the other hand, she has a fairly positive view of her enslavement and fears freedom and uncertainty. She seems to have been trained in childhood to serve domestically, and does so well.

It would stand to reason that the best and most trustworthy domestic slaves are those who have been slaves since childhood.

Cult of the FlowerEdit

Acquisition by the TempleEdit

When the Cult of the Flower became organized in Negeémiliel, Larylene was purchased from some source to serve in the Temple of the Flower, the principal temple to the Goddess of Love and Fertility, Jabharil. The Cult of the Flower has something of a reputation as an organization that helps escaped slaves, but the cult nonetheless wanted trustworthy and efficient slaves serving their main temple.

Becoming an AdherentEdit

It is unknown if Larylene was a Jabharil worshipper before she was purchased by the church to serve in the Temple of the Flower, but she would be one in the course of currently recorded stories. Larylene sees her work as a slave as being part of what she can do to further the aims of her goddess. Despite the violence of some of the cultists she served, she never came to believe that she, as a slave, should ever be called upon to do more than serve.

Larylene came to love the cult, as it was a friendly place as opposed to the formality and often coldness by which she had been trained or accustomed. She also found the ritualistic sexual orgies fun.

Maylara MaltreeEdit

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Larylene's First Contact With the Spy Maylara Maltree

Larylene Used by a SpyEdit

In about March of 2428 a.a.H., Larylene would encounter the Negeémi Senatorial Party spy, Maylara Maltree in her cover identity of 'Neroe Idrizzi', when May was working as an agent for Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee. Maylara had successfully infiltrated the Cult of the Flower and had even ascended to become a Jabharil Sentry in the church. Larylene was on route to the chambers of the high priestess to serve wine amidst an important meeting. Because of this, she would be felled by a chop to a nerve cluster, and would be rendered unconscious.

Maylara would appropriate Larylene's slave uniform, and would carry out the duty in Larylene's stead, and would learn that the High Priestess Ma'az was meeting Ver'acea Paen'Dhirra', the daughter of the High Sorceress of Negeé, of the Temple of Doom. A powerful connection between these religious leaders who ought to have been enemies was revealed.

Larylene was unaware of all this. Maylara would come back after being dismissed as a supposed servant and return to where she had stashed the unconscious Larylene. She would change uniforms again, and wake Larylene up, berating her for 'sleeping on duty'. Larylene was confused and horrified, and would remain quiet about the incident.

The Jabharil TrioEdit

Perhaps because Larylene proved to be easily tractable, Maylara would later use her in other ways in her guise as a Jabharil Sentry. Larylene would help get many Jabharil Sentries drunk in the closing days of the Spring Festival. She would also gather and supply Maylara with various clothes with the Jabharil flower motifs, not realizing that the 'Sentry' ordering her was really an enemy agent that was freeing Negeé Initiated girls who were being held hostage from a secret dungeon close to the Temple of the Flower.

Fanatics of the cult of the flower by shabazik-d60t99e

The Jabharil Trio in the foreground. left to right, Numeda, Chadie, and Musshy. Maylara Maltree in the background, Larylene as the crying slave in the background

So obedient was Larylene, that on order, she would simply accompany Maylara as she 'went off duty' for what would be the final time, and accompany the street clothed 'Sentry' and children from the festival--wearing clothes that she herself had gathered, to the 'Captain's House' of Xuunera Lo'Kee. She must have been suspicious, and indeed was silently weeping by the time they'd reached their destination, for fear of being stolen and what would happen to her.

Unknown to Maylara, Larylene and the freed girls, the group of Initiated girls dressed as young Jabharil faithful, Maylara as supposedly an off duty Jabharil sentry escorting the girls home from the festival, and Larylene, a Temple of the Flower slave, were tailed. This 'tail' was by three suspicious sentries from the temple known as the Jabharil Trio who followed their supposed colleague and the children to the 'Captain's House' assigned to Xuunera Lo'Kee. However, the three weren't sure what they were witnessing, and thought they could investigate closer, seeing the house as a Cult of the Flower meeting place. They would be captured by Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, and imprisoned in the house they sought to investigate, which was filled with Acolytes loyal to the Negeémi Senatorial Party.

If Larylene didn't know these captured sentries in her time in the Temple of the Flower, she would become well acquainted with them in the house of Captain Lo'Kee.

The Lo'Kee HouseholdEdit

0204 briefing by shabazik-d3lfyij

Left to Right, Front: Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee, Numeda Tri'Se at the captain's feet. Back: Slave Larylene, Maylara Maltree, and Carlae Lo'Kee.

Serving under the ServantsEdit

Captain Xuunera Lo'Kee would send Larylene to attend household duties while under the supervision of other household slaves. Larylene would not find this a very fun time at all. It would not be until after Larylene had been watched by the other servants and the slave trainer Bruh'la Sard that she would be trusted in the house, as she had been the loyal slave of the Cult of the Flower. However, it was found that Larylene would be inclined to be a loyal slave under most authority.

Even so, Larylene would be the lowest ranking slave actively serving the household for some time, somewhat reviled by her mistresses and fellows. She would be assigned to sleep in the kitchen pantry with minimal bedding over a stone floor, with only transitory bags of onions and potatoes as cushions. Despite being able to smell all this food, Larylene was often not given meals as often as the other enslaved servants as she was from the Cult of the Flower and that she 'belonged to Maylara Maltree'.

Training the Jabharil TrioEdit

Larylene would much enjoy working as a helper with Bruh'la Sard as the slave trainer sought to turn the captured Jabharil Sentries, known as the Jabharil Trio into useful slaves. It has not been revealed if Bruh'la Sard allowed Larylene to be tempted to free or help these fallen sentries, but the trainer was satisfied that the slave would bow to the authority of her current mistresses over the captured agents of her former owners in the form of the Jabharil church.

Larylene would gladly take good care of the captured cultists, and see to their needs; but she would also do her part to train them mercilessly and to become their role model and 'senior slave'. While Larylene might not have always met with the slave trainer's high standards, she did indeed satisfy Ms. Sard that she was a 'good slave'.

The Reasoning of Lo'KeeEdit

This episode was one of which Captain Lo'Kee had seized upon, hoping to use the three captured cultists--captured by Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak as a gift to the priestess and a means of pleasing the mother of the priestess, the powerful Danieh'le Dahl'Arak. The senior Dahl'Arak would not be much pleased by this attempt at flattery, and the younger Dahl'Arak might not have been much pleased by the distraction as well. Additionally, the slave trainer Bruh'la Sard was a slave herself, owned by House Dahl'Arak, the three sort of became three untrustworthy souls that were being given as a 'gift', after being trained at the expense of the Dahl'Arak family.

Larylene herself, as she had been 'captured' by Maylara Maltree would become the personal slave of Maylara. Captain Lo'Kee reasoning was that as the Cult of the Flower was now proven to be an unlawful, and treasonous organization, that this captured slave that Maylara chose to steal, rather than kill so as to silence her, would be classified as 'seized property'. More to the point, Larylene couldn't be sold without Lo'Kee making explanations of her espionage activities as Larylene was a registered slave. So the captured slave would remain in service in the captain's house, assigned to Maylara as a means to make Maylara uncomfortable as the acolyte officer Lo'Kee despised Maylara to some degree.

There is some reason to believe that Captain Lo'Kee really intended to renege on this deal with Maylara, and sell Larylene later for her own benefit. If this wasn't originally true, it may have become true when the monetary demands of the coming Dahl'Arak Coup, and the chastisement of Leg of the Spider Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, made the finances of Captain Lo'Kee very tight.

Service to MaylaraEdit

08 welcome back mistress by shabazik-d6es2sm

Larylene surprises Maylara Maltree with her unexpected appearance and apparent enthusiasm!

A Reluctant Mistress with an Eager SlaveEdit

As much as Larylene was disappointed by the animosity she received from most corners of the Lo'Kee household, she was perhaps more unhappy with her new mistress in the form of Maylara Maltree. For one, she was unhappy about being stolen from a situation she loved, and further, being owned by a single person who had no house or standing or wealth was frightening for her. Nonetheless, Larylene gamely tried to serve May as best she could so as to be taken care of and well treated. Larylene probably also wanted refuge from the drudgery and hostility of the household work, But Maylara was uncomfortable with this eager slave and rarely used her.

Services PerformedEdit

Larylene would serve May refreshments when she trained. May would lose a bet with one Hanster Lo'Kee and lose her quarters, and would instead, at the insistence of Captain Lo'Kee, come to sleep with Larylene--in the kitchen pantry! May didn't much like sharing a makeshift 'bed' with her slave like this, but she would come to appreciate Larylene's less than wonderful condition in the house, as the slave was often uncomfortable and hungry.

Maylara would start to train with the War Priestess Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak, so as to expand her magical knowledge and magical combat spells and techniques. However, to do so required some 'cover identity and occupation'. Hence, Maylara would go through the general motions of becoming a mobile cart vender of surface vegetables and greens. Larylene would help her with the vegetable cart and selling the produce. The real reason of this occupation was so that Maylara could go daily to the house of Dahl'Arak and train under Shi'Nill. Larylene would become a common companion of May at this time.

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Larylene forced to 'cross-dress'!

A Dress Up DollEdit

Maylara would ultimately learn of much of Larylene's frustrations with May and of the indifferent or hostile treatment the slave suffered in the Lo'Kee house. Maylara had assumed that the Lo'Kee House was providing better for Larylene, and May then ensured that her slave got more to eat, likely many of the greens that they were hauling. May also got Larylene more clothes as she only had her uniform still from the Temple of the Flower, but Larylene was upset in that May got her a bright orange 'eared' hoodie and a set of oversized Dwarf(ven) men's sweater and pants! Larylene felt rather humiliated even as a slave to essentially be 'cross dressing' like this. Maylara was rather amused.

It's possible that May was trying to force Larylene to respond forcefully as May sort of thought that she could 'save' Larylene from the mindset of a slave? Or perhaps May just thought that Larylene would become a more responsive and honest friend to her? However, if so, Larylene didn't respond as May might have hoped and was embarrassed and even angered by this clothing business.

13 i hate you so much by shabazik-d6r8xhm

Maylara getting some fun out of dressing up her slave at a second hand clothes market. The drow in the background pulling on the sweater seems to look on in horror at this flagrant slave abuse!

It's also possible and probable that by doing this, May was providing Larylene with a disguise that would be more expected of a slave working as a green grocer than a slave in a domestic servant uniform?

Speculation: It's also not impossible that May might have considered some 'switch' scheme of using Larylene and bulky and orange clothing to make some sort of 'getaway' of herself and/or Chadie Maltree of the Jabharil Trio? Possibly this was one reason why Captain Lo'Kee would ultimately have the Jabharil Trio transferred over to the Dahl'Arak house to prevent this sort of scheme? In any case, the captain was getting wise to some of Maylara's tricks by this time.

There is also the benefit of providing much clothes, so the two of them would effectively have more bedding to sleep on in the food pantry?

After the Dahl'Arak CoupEdit

The event that the Negeémi Senatorial Party had struggled against and finally decided to make their own finally took place in the last days of October of 2428 a.a.H. in the form of the Dahl'Arak Coup. It is unknown what adventures Larylene experienced in the brief civil war in the Lo'Kee house, but frightening or not, she survived unscathed. She was rather disappointed to see that Maylara had survived too! Mostly in that she hoped that Maylara dying might free her to be taken on by the Lo'Kee house--in which her fellow slaves were finally beginning to warm up to her after over six months.

Never thought having a slave would be so rewarding by shabazik-d7syvv9

Larylene finally expresses herself to Maylara's Face, much to the enjoyment of Laeh'le Dahl'Arak

Larylene would continue as a sometimes companion for Maylara in various activities following the civil war. Ultimately, though, May would decide on the course of action to trade Larylene to Laeh'le Dahl'Arak for the Jabharil Trio, Chadie Maltree in particular, as this reluctant cultist was Maylara's cousin. Larylene therefore became a Dahl'Arak domestic slave, which was an outcome that she was much pleased by. Nonetheless, upon urging by Maylara, and the approval of her new mistress, Larylene would handily punch Maylara for being a 'bad mistress'!

Current StatusEdit

Larylene is now a Dahl'Arak slave. Whether serving in the great house of the Dahl'Arak's is as wonderful as she hoped is unknown. It has been speculated that she might become friendly and possibly close with Numeda Tri'Se of the former Jabharil Trio which seems to have been broken up.

She might become a personal attendant to Laeh'le Dahl'Arak. Only time will tell.

Additional NotesEdit

Larylene is the creation of Shabazik. She was named by a suggestion by animal-delos.

Originally, Larylene was just an unnamed slave in the Temple of the Flower that served as a mechanism for Maylara to spy on the High Sorceress Ma'az in the '2nd Season' of the Maylara Maltree story. Larylene was intended as a one shot character in a pictorial sequence, however, her role expanded, and then expanded again through the ongoing story. She has since appeared in art by other artists on Deviant Art and seems rather popular for a minor character without an overtly sexy body or very aggressive attitude. Perhaps this attention is due to her comedic long suffering and eager submissiveness, and frustrated sexual submission?

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