Livegnet was a thrall settlement located within the territories of the White Fang in the 'werewolf land' of Mondwargh, located in the greater land of Polforia. It was located on a day's walk of the Howling Keep.


Historically, the White Fang Werewolf pack used to raid territories and bring back both loot and slaves under a succession of Alphas. While these raids did not occur often and were usually small in nature, they did give rise to a small slave population within the boundaries of the White Fang territories.

Usually, these slaves would be enthralled, forced to live in small settlements, where they were forced to work the land and grow provisions for their masters, which had to be presented to the Alpha every year in a ceremony called the Offer of the Red Hood. In this ceremony, a female child of the village was forced to don a red hood, so it could be recognised by its werewolf masters, and bring samples of the village's produce to the pack. If the year had been good and the produce was found to be excellent, the child would be allowed to return to her settlement; if not, the child would be kept by the pack, and only be returned if the settlement had either paid a fine, or submitted to a punishment of the pack.

Livegnet consisted mostly of Elven and Human thralls, captured by the White Fang in border raids against Reivelin. It was the most sizable of such settlements in White Fang territory, consisting, at its peak, of over 70 able-bodied male and female slaves, and a similar number of children.

Decline and End of LivegnetEdit

The practice of border raids and the keeping of slaves went into decline under the rule of Hel the Oathbreaker. Deeply suspicious of the "foreigners" on White Fang territory, Hel did all to work the population of Livegnet to the bone. The final straw, however, occurred towards the end of 2424 A.a.H., when Hel found out that one of her children, the Werewolf Fergal White Fang, had fathered a half-breed child with one of the humans of the settlement. Taking this as a personal insult and an act of rebellion of the thralls against their Werewolf masters, Hel ordered a revenge attack on the settlement, which saw almost its entire population wiped out, and the entire settlement burnt down. Ironically, among the few survivors of this atrocity were the human Lindsey, who had been warned by her werewolf mate; and the couple's daughter Pumori of the White Fang.

Following the attack, Livegnet would never be rebuilt.

Legacy of LivegnetEdit

Following the overthrow of Hel the Oathbreaker, her successors, the Alphas Freya White Fang and Pumori of the White Fang would reinstate the "tradition" of "thrall settlements", which would see a brief resurgence. However, unlike those built before Hel's time, which were separate, segregated settlements, the new thrall settlements of the post-Hel era were built close to or within Werewolf settlements themselves, with "Free Wolves" and their "Slaves" living alongside one another and cooperating in their daily existence. By the second decade of Pumori's rule, the distinctions between "Free Wolves" and their "Thralls" had all but ceased to exist.