The lord of the north by shabazik-d4k37xi

The warlord holding the title of "Lord of the North", with two of his Southern Snow elf helpers

The Lord of the North was the title given to the ruler of the kingdom of Winterfrost.

Winterfrost was a kingdom that is known to have existed from near the beginning of the 23rd Century a.a.H., to at least much or most of the 25th Century, and likely for longer than that.

It was a land of multiple races, Humans, Dwarfs and Southern Snow elfs are known to have lived there in great numbers, and likely other races as well. Being a cold, coastal country, the various races learned to cooperate with each other and produced export goods that Vanolosé orc traders would buy and ship to the southern nations. It might be said that these brown orc merchants and their ships helped unite the country and established the region's industry from what was before little more than tribal economies and cottage industries?

The country had long been divided between competing warlords and races, with the greatest of them taking the title of the "Lord of the North". With trade and cooperation between the peoples, the country united enough to effectively be a nation, even if it was not truly a defined and established 'kingdom' ruled over by a linear sequence of kings. But the Lord of the North, usually a human, would become considered the ruler of the country with the diverse groups consenting with his directives.

It is not known how many Lords of the North ruled over a more or less united nation, or what civil wars were fought. The one Lord of the North seen is depicted as a human warlord needing to sometimes fight ambitious rivals, and who rules and arbitrates disputes and crimes with an 'iron hand in a velvet glove' sort of way. He has been depicted with two female southern snow elf assistants who help with his arbitrations and probably soften a sometimes fierce demeanor.

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