The city of lorthen by shabazik-d4oo64f

The City of Lorthen, the last High elf nation founded

The City of Lorthen.

A city of High elves and Sylvan elf people who joined together and founded a new independent nation in a last desperate bid of the High elves to reclaim a corner of the continent of Aels. They were willing to partner and join with the local Sylvan elves for once in their colonial ambitions.

Ironically, Lorthen was something like a light elf version of the dark elf Wicked City of Zaghäl.

Lorthen's DescriptionEdit

Lorthen was a city-state that controlled the forests and lands about it. It was an attempt to carve out a niche for elves in a human and Kanov dominated world through peaceful trade and a strong internal defense.

The city was made up of High elf and Sylvan elf peoples. The city was founded and built with defense and high engineering in mind. It was built on an island in a mountain lake that served as a super-scaled moat for a super-scaled castle-city, with splendid causeways bridging the city to the land.

Speculation: the site may have been engineered considerably, the mountain plateau-like rock the city is built upon may have been cut considerably, and the lake may have been the result of water engineering mountain run off?

The entire city was like a castle, with high, thick double walls and keeps that equaled several human built castles. Indeed, the central keep was a tower that loomed over the rest of the city with amazing height, mass and volume, and was a great part of the city and its defenses in itself.

The woods and mountain terrain defended by a large, well equipped and disciplined corps of Sylvan elf rangers, and the High elf built city and fortifications made the city one of the most well defended cities on Aiers.

Lorthen's HistoryEdit

A Wave of InvasionsEdit

The coming of High elves to colonize eastern Aels would be the beginning of a series of wars, where the Sylvan elf kingdoms of the plains were conquered, or forced to retreat inland, away from the shores, and into the large forests and jungles from Nubla and Bierteno. Meanwhile, the Hebonnor retreated to the interior valleys and Highlands. The High elves would found their own colonies on the former lands of the Sylvan elves, often with Sylvan elves as their subjects.

However, these wars weakened both the Sylvan and High elves of eastern Aels, and neither of them were in good shape, when the Galaw Orcs, the Kanov people and humans appeared, putting an End to the Elf Age of Hegemony, with a series of migrations and invasions:

The High Elf colonies, and Sylvan Elf kingdoms alike, were destroyed, and the populations escaped deeper into the forests, where new villages and small kingdoms were founded.

The Hidden Kingdom of LorthenEdit

One of the largest and more important of these later remnant kingdoms of Aels was the Sylvan Elf-High Elf mixed kingdom known as the "Forest of Lorthen". Lorthen being a Sylvan elf kingdom set deep into the forest of Nubla, founded after the coming of the High elves. Ironically, this isolated and defended kingdom would accept High elven refugees during the age of invasions following the Apparition of Humanity, and would even willingly become a base for new colonization by the High elves following the First War of the Power.

Lorthen, meaning the city itself, was in the forests of Nubla, Aels, and was a High elven founded city, after the First War of the Power, in an intent of late colonialism, trying to remember the imperial past of the Empire of Whide Axis.

This High Elven colony prospered, but they couldn't take back, even by trade and culture, Aels and Zarhuy from the humans and Kanovs.

This city was attacked several times by Drow of the Dark Legion of Demons, and finally the dark elven armies of the City of the Wicked, Zaghäl, sacked and destroyed Lorthen, during the War of the Four Black Kings.

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