Magic Items or Magic Artifacts is a name to articles that have properties related to maná manipulation.

Basic overviewEdit

There are magic items in the world of Aiers but many are from elder days. One major restriction for the crafting of such is that the materials used have to be 'magically conductive'.

Example of magic materials: Gold, Silver, Amber, and Gemstones.

Example of materials that are non-magical: Iron And Steel.

This limits weapons to be magically enhanced. It is not to say a steel blade could not have such but it would have to have inlay of other metals and gemstones.

Bronze is more neutral metal and can hold the magic. This is part of the reason the Elves kept in the Bronze age so long. The magical weapons could almost compete with the iron the Dwarves crafted. Steel changed the balance of power for weapons and armor to much for the magic items to compensate.

Elven magic users often continue to use implements and blades or bits of armor made of bronze, rather than steel or containing iron. Drow sacrificial blades often carried as a sign of prestige by certain priestesses such as the dreaded War Priestesses of the Acolytes of Negeémiliel are a notable example of bronze being used by an Elf race long after the general adaptation of advanced steel weapons.

Magic Items during War of PowerEdit

The demons would use magical items and often gather those lost from other races as they moved across the lands. They were not able to master some of it like the Dume Teknno-Lokki magic.

Elves had a vast stockpile of magical gear and would use it to devastate the Legion in the First War of the Power.


  • Medallion of the Fallen Knights

A golden necklace that seem to give them the ability to talk to others and was the insignia of their rank. Some of them were reputed to have other powers. Satman had as many as 2,000 of them made over a century. Many were handed down from knight to knight over the decades. These items were cursed to others slowly crippling them.

From Rushvin Stories.

  • Torc of the Squire

A silver torc that was worn by the squires in training for the knights. Maybe 100 were crafted. It could only be removed by a knight's medallion or death. It gave the ability to speak to others.

From Rushvin Stories.

  • Nailpolish of Mystical Enhancement (Lighting)

A silver colored liquid one puts on their finger nails. It enhances Electrical magic attacks but degrades with use. Reputed made by Drow and is costly to acquire.

From Rushvin Stories.

Meta InformationEdit

(Talk with Shabazik over the subject and kept it here.)

<Shabazik>There are magical items. But some materials aren't "magic condictive". Magic conductive: Gold, Silver, Amber, jewels. The very non-magic conductive: Iron, steel. So when people want to make a magic sword, it must have on it gold, silver, copper or jewels.

<rushvin>so only exotic materials for such

<Shabazik>and if they want the blade to be magical, add a linen of such materials

<Shabazik>except copper


<Shabazik>copper isn't that good magic conductor, but works. bronze as well. (that's one of the reasons why elves remained for so long in bronze age) they where only pushed into iron due dwarven empires expanding

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