Martin the Conqueror was human king of Kingdom of Sargos from the 2234 to the 2297 a.a.H. During his long reign he will expand the might and power of Sargos, actively mingling in the business of neighbouring lands -as in the Rivierie peasants revolts he supressed in Huncle-, and as well extending his realm to the south, creating the River Guard, and doing campaigns against the barbarians of El Yermo and the Kanov clans of the mountains, having as well lead some invasions of Polforia in defense of the human colonies, annexing the kingdom of Degoland at the 2265 a.a.H.

However, as the old warrior grow older, he couldn't ride anymore with his armies, and the influence of Sargos achieved by the might of the sword began to vanish in the neighboring kingdoms and Polforia, and as he died, Degoland will slip again from the hands of the Sargonic crown, being reinstituted the Degolandic monarchy. 

While Sargos remained at the strongest military of the human kingdoms of the Northwest, after the costs of the expansion of Martin the Conqueror, his successors will live in a process of relative peace and prosperity of the kingdom of Sargos for the next century.

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