Elf ash elf camp-follower

An ash elf camp-follower from one of the [[high elf]] armies of the Empire of the Whide Axis.

The Whide Axis Military was the designation to the armed forces fighting during the Wars of the Powers against the Dark Legion of Demons. Originally the term was applied only to the forces of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis, a high elven ushaverican empire during the late elfic age and the early human age.

However, during the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.H), with the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis entering in the war of the Power at the 2209, fighting under the banners of the Whide Axis the enemies of the Dark Legion, it will become later a designation used to reflect the forces that opposed as an alliance the Dark Legion of demons.

After this, the name will be addopted with such meaning, specially as the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis itself become only a shadow of it formers glory, existing as an entity almost solely to support and finance the Whide Axis military.

The First anti-demonic coalition, and the first army of the Whide AxisEdit

Is quite unclear what determinated the High Elves of Ushaenor  from the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis to not only receive the humans as refugees in Ushaenor as they escaped from the First War of the Power, but to join them in the War: Comercial interests, revanchism or interests in retaking for them back the long ago lost colonies of Aels, the point is that after lengthy discussions, the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis entered the war the 2.209 a.a.H

A new, massive expedition was prepared in what will become the last High Elven 'crusade': the last and larger campaign they ever launched.

A massive High (and ash) Elven, reinforced with human refugees of Aels and humans of Ushaenor crossed the sea.

After recruiting reinforcements and mercenaries in islands like Akresh and Liohn, the expedition landed in Botania, where more local human forces will join the army of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis, raising the forces of this convined army to 140.000 soldiers.

These convinced elven-human forces will defeat in a series of battles against the dark legions. Costly field battles that costed the Whide Axis large portions of their forces, however their success led to more humans to join their ranks, so as the war progressed the high and ash elven regiments will become progressively more human in their ranks.

As well, the High Elven-Human allies will reach agreements with local elves in Aels -silvan and mountain elves mostly- and the dwarves, becoming the armies of the Whide Axis a mix of humans, elves and dwarves.

The Whide Axis Military in the interbellumEdit

After the end of the First War of the Power, a large number of the high elven forces retreated back to Ushaenor, but in principle the victors had the intention to keep their presence in Polforia and other formerly dark legion dominated territories.

For this, the Whide Axis will create military orders in Aiers that accepted members of all the races allied against the demons in the Axis, and will develope some forces and strategies designed specially against demons.

However, with the demon lords sealed in exile in Mount Demonach on the Island Satanmet, guard by a garrison of the Whide Axis, the urgency of the treat of demons became a secondary concern, and as the costs of the occupation of Polforia increased without results in the "pacification", slowly the support to the Whide Axis military will drop to a minimum.

The Human-lead Whide Axis, as a cohalition against demonsEdit

With the second coming of Darkness and the beginning of the Second War of the Power, the anti-demonic cohalition was surprised and found in bad footing to face the dark legions of demons. With the High elves of Ushaenor disinteresed in the demons in Aels, it will be on hands of the humans to lead the "Whide Axis", not now as the high elven empire, but as a cohalition against demons.

It will be during this time that the Axis will expand, to gather more peoples and races under their banners.

However, as later during the war the Whide Axis military become increasingly linked with the Holy Sargonic Empire, there will be internal struggles against the Sargonic, with many of the members of the Axis against Demons retreating from the alliance, which was debilitated because of this.

The Third War of the PowerEdit

With the advances of the Dark Legion in all fronts, once more time was called the Whide Axis to gather under their banners all the enemies of the demon lords.


The whide axis had a large variety of military personel and allies

  • Half elves
  • High elves
  • Mountain elves
  • Grey elves
  • Ash elves
  • Doroz elves
  • Silvan Elves
  • Snow elves
  • Sand elves
  • Wild elves
  • Flaire elves
  • Gnomain dwarves
  • Other dwarven races
  • Half dwarves
  • Vanolose orcs
  • High orcs
  • Loranor Leonid Warrior ALTERNATE

    leonids are part of the empire as well

    Half orcs
  • Schlobohmi orcs
  • Loranors
  • Leonids
  • K'nir
  • Half beast people
  • Car'hards
  • Siggos
  • Draak Hargs
  • Half Draakins
  • Battleborns
  • Pixies
  • Hatiyara
  • Humans
  • kanovs
  • Yak Yak giants
  • Half giants

Military classesEdit

The Whide axis has a large variety of classes of there military

  • Light infratry
  • Medium infratry
  • Heavy infratry
  • Light calvery
  • Medium clavery
  • Heavy calvery
  • Battle mages
  • Artirelly
  • Airborne infratry Car'hards and Battleborns

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