Drow mosaic by shabazik-d9j39b4

Musshy making a mosaic with discarded snail shells from her work at a snail farm

Musshil Kesalf "Musshy" (Negeémiliel 2353 a.a.H. - ?)

A member of a small group of captive drow known as the Jabharil Trio. A known member of the Fanatics of Jabharil of the Cult of the Flower who was became intertwined with an acolyte investigation of the Cult of the Flower from her first days as a member of the cult. Musshy was born and raised a poor drow in the great city of Negeémiliel, in the subterranean world of kazrrad and who would become embroiled in events larger than she might have expected in her worst fears.

Ruining the uniform by shabazik-d37thnk

Musshy using her sentry sash as a top

Personal AttributesEdit

  • Has some talent and skill for artistry
  • Self conscious about being small and nearly flat-chested
  • Practical Minded
  • Shy, but able to find her voice
  • Minimally trained spear and knife skills
  • Compensates emotionally with her long hair
  • White hair with red eyes typical of drow
  • Fears acolytes, and initiated girls even more
  • Tends to rationalize problems and avoids confrontations



A poor drow of the drow city state of Negeémiliel. Musshil Kesalf, (Musshy) is very petite and is a slender and underdeveloped drow woman. This physical smallness is partially attributable to malnutrition as she is a maligned member of a very poor family. Little is currently recorded or known of her childhood or past, it has been speculated that perhaps she is the product of an out of wedlock birth, and that her mother or primary parent is dead, as she has no direct family. She is a part of a large, but poor, extended family.

Musshy has had many small jobs, but none that were proper trade work. Sadly, she hasn't been very successful at most of her works. She had some small successes working at processing snails, and sorting their shells for artisans, and even making some mosaics herself. She has also worked at hawking food and other products on street markets. Often by playing up her petite size and underdeveloped body pretending to be younger than she was. However, she came to fear and even hate the Academy Initiated girls in this capacity for all the trouble that they might cause.

Forced to Join the Cult of the FlowerEdit

Early in the year 2428 a.a.H., she joined the illicit operations of the Jabharil Church (Cult of the Flower) as a uniformed member of the Fanatics of Jabharil. Musshil joined under duress by her great aunt who had threatened to sell her into slavery so as to save the family from starvation. This was a threat that she had heard before, and indeed, had a long running fear of it for most of her life.

First MissionEdit

On her first mission, she was teamed up with two large drow women named Chadie Maltree and "Neroe Idrizzi" (in actuality, "Neroe" is really a secret agent named "Maylara Maltree"). The mission was successful in kidnapping the young initiate Carlae Lo'Kee, the daughter of an acolyte captain. The successful kidnapping and the positive eyewitness accounts of an observer in the service of the Jabharil cult reflected well on the team of new Jabharil fanatics. So well, that they were rewarded with membership into the visible church itself. A coveted award to occur so soon.

Musshy's contribution was to attack Initiate Carlae Lo'Kee from behind with a piece of lumber as a club. She did this when the young girl had stunned Neroe and floored Chadie. This was judged as being instrumental in keeping young Carlae from escaping. It allowed the petite drow to advance with her more physically and combat capable companions. This success bonded the three together, and the two larger drow became Mussy's friends and helped her become a stronger seeming sentry.


Musshy was embarrassed to be a fanatic and then a Jabharil sentry as in both cases she was to wear uniforms that were topless. Musshy is very sensitive towards her small breasts. Despite some awkwardness with her superiors and fellows in the Jabharil church over her shyness, Musshy adjusted to the uniform. She even started to feel more comfortable, confident, and assertive in her role as a sentry, which granted her the most respect she had been given in her life. Musshy was not used to being taken seriously, but enjoyed it.

Fear and Loathing of Initiated GirlsEdit

Regarding her opinions on the kidnapping of the Initiated girls that the Cult of the Flower did, often as a price of admission to the Jabharil functions as was the case with Musshy and her two friends, she didn't mind that much. While she generally likes and cares for children, certainly her cousins, or will at least tolerate most children alright, her fear of initiated girls of the elite acolytes made her glad to see them put into their places as it were. Musshy regarded initiated girls as the worst villains in her life, and a threat to the commoners of the city, and took some perverse enjoyment of the plight of those captured by the cult. She felt that this was a dispensing of justice to recompense all the little gangs of initiated girls who sometimes ran wild when released from the Academy, often abusing those commoners that they crossed paths with.

Debacle at the Spring FestivalEdit

Unfortunately, the cohesion between Musshy and her two larger friends of Chadie and Neroe came back to haunt her. During a Jabharil festival (speculation: the festival might have been held on the Vernal Equinox of 2428 a.a.H.? Despite being in the underworld of Kazrrad, the Jabharil religion is foreign and uses many motifs involving flowers so seasonal considerations might exist for festivals?) In any event, under the cover of the festival, the captive Initiated girls had managed to escape causing an internal stir in the temple, even as the religious festival continued without pause.

A Problem with 'Neroe'Edit

Musshy's friend Chadie came to her afraid that Neroe was going to desert the cult, which she felt would be a huge mistake, even though Chadie herself actually had little faith in or love for the cult. Neroe had claimed to be an escaped slave, so there would have been few places she could have fled (as the Cult of the Flower was an excellent place for an escaped slave to run to--not from), and the penalty for running from the cult might be death or enslavement for such a runner. Chadie was worried for her friend, and wanted to enlist Musshy's help to confront her and stage an 'intervention' for 'Neroe's' own good.

Musshy didn't take this charge very seriously, as Neroe had seemed a solid and intelligent woman, and that Neroe too, seemed to enjoy the authority of being a Jabharil sentry. Despite a lack of faith in the Jabharil Church's creed, the role of being a sentry was one that Musshy relished, and might be even said to have been seduced by; even with, or maybe because of, her shyness and painful feelings of inadequacy that her small breasts seemed to demonstrate. Simply put, it was a respected role in the Jabharil Church and Musshy never had such authority or respect in her life. Also, in regards to the matter of 'Neroe' deserting the church, Musshy has a tendency to minimize or rationalize problems, sometimes to the point of denying that the problems exist at all. This is probably as a result of a search for stability in her life?

Still, while she was afraid of abandoning her post as she was on duty, she did so to help her other friend 'Neroe'. Musshy, with her sentry partner Numeda Tri'Se, together with Chadie, found and followed Neroe undercover as she walked through the city with a small group of children. Again, Chadie and Numeda wondered about the presence of the children, especially as they had entered into an elite neighborhood called the Hanging Spires, but Musshy was sure that there was no problem, on the theory that the children were coming from the Jabharil festival with Neroe being their assigned guardian on the way back. Chadie was suspicious of the situation, and so they broke into a house to change into their fanatic uniforms, but found that they were caught by the acolyte priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak. The three fought her, Musshy again finding the courage to fight with her fellows even though she felt sure that they were doomed.

Captured by Priestess Dahl'ArakEdit

But Laeh'le's training and magic stun spell was enough to defeat the three. They were taken into the house that they saw Neroe enter into, and would be horrified to learn that it was the house of an Acolyte captain, and that her friend "Neroe Idrizzi" was really an acolyte spy. Unfortunately, the captain, Xuunera Lo'Kee, feared that they were spies, and beat and tortured them to learn what they were after. The captain had decided to award the three captured fanatics to Priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak as she had captured them, and Captain Lo'Kee felt that it would make for a good commemorative gift--also to prove to the often inept priestess's very powerful mother--Danieh'le Dahl'Arak--that Laeh'le had developed some good fighting skills.

Professionally Trained as a SlaveEdit

Along with the other two, Musshy was trained by the slave trainer Bruhla Sard for about a month, and then for several weeks afterward by the house slaves, and by Carlae Lo'Kee, ironically, the same initiated girl that Musshy had help capture.

Musshy EnslavedEdit

Captain Lo'Kee, in a role as a magistrate, passed a preliminary sentence of enslavement on the three cultists, known derisively in the Lo'Kee house as the Jabharil Trio. For some months, she trained under and served House Lo'Kee while imprisoned there, often with the girl, Initiate Carlae Lo'Kee as her acting mistress. Ironically, Carlae is the same girl that she had played an important part in capturing and imprisoning for the Cult of the Flower.

Musshy was a prospective slave of House Dahl'Arak pending the results of the ruling of a tribunal. Due to space and food constraints, she was moved to and served in the mansion of House Dahl'Arak, after training and serving for several months under the head slave of the Lo'Kee house. Musshy, with her two companions, and three other new slaves were returned under the expert eye of the slave trainer and overseer Bruh'la Sard.

During the brief civil war of the Dahl'Arak Coup, the trio were presented with an opportunity to try and escape, as demanded by Numeda Tri'Se, who wished to help her fellows in the Cult of the Flower. It is believed that Musshy and Chadie Maltree refused. Although the three would later be shown chained, suggesting that maybe they did make such an attempt, or else this is how the Dahl'Arak house might secure such former criminal slaves.

Current StatusEdit

Maylara Maltree came to the owner of the three slaves, Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, and convinced her to swap Musshy and Chadie for the trained slave Larylene, who the three knew from the Jabharil Temple of the Flower, and from Lo'Kee's house.

Musshy is believed to have returned to her family, her new owners being the Acolyte House Char'Isstra. Precise details of if this occurred or what Musshy is doing now are unknown.

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