The Myrstik Union (or Union; since the 3075 a.a.H officially refered as the Danaanland-Fisherburg Commonwealth) was a dualistic state of Danaanland and Fisherburg ruled by a common monarch.

This union existed from 2991 to the 3078 a.a.H, when Daniel I Myrstik became king of Danaanland. Son of Eustab Myrstik, the former king of Danaanland, and queen Olivia Fisher, he wasn't only the heir of the throne of Danaanland, but as well of Fisherburg.

During the "reign of the three daniels", lasted the Myrstik Union, having the state to fence off the territorial ambitions of the Sueccian and Trutsian empire, Nordigen and Calintropia.

Later conflicts with the United Cyrvian Kingdoms will led to the Tri-Fecta Wars, that lasted from 3066 to the 3076 a.a.H.

While the Danaanland-Fisherburg Commonwealth was victorious, the costs of the wars and civil problems between the Danaanlander and Fisherbürger will led to a civil war between 3076-3078, which had as consecuence the end of the commonwealth.

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