The NÛC or Nutkian Union Corps, where the professional armed forces of Anuchia, in difference to the Anuchian National Army, which acted as a reserve.

They where Nutk armies, well equipped and armed, meant to be a quick intervention aerotransportable force, developed as Anuchia began to attempt to project their interests beyond the Stornkold Archipelago, it will be since the 3243 an integral part of the Anuchian Army, when they where created as colonial forces.

Among the more important conflicts they took part was the Third World War of Aiers, the MW-UVA war, the Münzen-Anuchian war and the Fourth World War, but they will began to lose their protagonism by the 3307 a.a.H, when they where becoming progressively unable to face enemy armies equipped each time better, with better training and heavier equipment: being meant to be aerotransported force, they lacked heavier vehicles, armor and artillery: so slowly, will rise in protagonism the heavier armored units: however, the NUC will continue to be an important force within the Aerotransportable forces of Anuchia.

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