The Nasani-Erehel War, as well known as the Nasani War of Independence was a drow war fought in the southern underworld of Kazrrad fought between Erehel-Sinu and it's former colony of Ched'Nasan as they proclaimed their independence.

The war was fought between the 400 to the 487 a.a.H, resulting in the independence of Ched'Nasan and the southern colonies of Erehel-Sinu, being the end of the long Erehel-Sinu hegemony among the drow cities.

Background Edit

During the expansion of Erehel-Sinu to southern Kazrrad, they first settled the large cavern systems of Nasan, known as the thousands ponds, to use the natural ponds and water bodies of the caverns to increase their food production. The city of Ched'Nasan was founded as one since its very beginning at the 2600 b.a.H, having first been issued by the Erehel government the proclamation of foundation of the city, even before the settlers began to settle down the area.

However, despise its original goal to be a food-production colony, later discoveries of rich mines of iron and coal will expand their economy, which lead to economic and demographic growth, and will allow Ched'Nasan to become a key colony for the Erehel expansion and hegemony southern Kazrrad.

Because of this, as the local Erehel-ethnic oligarchy rose in power, they wanted as well to extend this to political power, as they felt the colonial aristocracies where being kept from participating in the Erehel-Sinu government, being as well looked down upon by the metropolitan drows.

The importance of Ched'Nasan will only grow with the opening of Kazrrad for the drows with the building of bridges over the Abyss of Doom, and Ched'Nasan will become the center of the colonial government of Erehel-Sinu. After the cataclysms that reshaped Kazrrad after the Apparition of humanity, while Erehel-Sinu was badly affected and had to face a crisis of refugees and famines, Ched'Nasan was able to turn the crisis in their favor.

Because of this, and as well a rising feeling of particular identity of the erehel-ethnic oligarchy of Ched'Nasan -who identified themselves no longer as Erehel, but as Nasani-, the introduction of new taxes and a political crisis in Erehel-Sinu due to an invasion of Nortunk Dwarves, will lead the Nasani oligarchy to proclaim the independence of Ched'Nasan, at the year 400 a.a.H.

The War Edit

While originally Ched'Nasan stood alone against their metropolis and many of their colonies, after the initial defeats they were able to organize an army, that was able to produce a streak of defeats to the metropolitan Erehel and Loyalist forces, which caused many of the minor colonies of southern Kazrrad to join the rebellion, which the larger Erehel armies found difficult to crush.

When in the Battle of the Furnaces of Hortann at the 479 a.a.H will be finally defeated the Erehel and loyalist armies -with the important participation of Ched'Negeél, later Negeémiliel supporting Erehel-Sinu-, the loyalists, fearing reprisals of Ched'Nasan and the rebels quickly and pre-emptively claimed their independence of Erehel-Sinu (Negeémiliel independence, 480 a.a.H), joining the victory cart. The last seven years of the war was the advance of the colonist rebels, led by Ched'Nasan, over Erehel-Sinu, who finally aknowledged the independence of their colonies at the 487 a.a.H.

Aftermath Edit

The collapse of the long lasting hegemony of Erehel-Sinu won't mean simply it being replaced by the shining star of the power of Ched'Nasan, but instead will began a long period of conflict among the southern drow cities that will last until the 1700 a.a.H as they fought for hegemony, period known as the Warring Drow States.

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