The Naval Battle of Raggmas was a battle in the sea of Caritz fought at the 2.403 a.a.H. between the fleet of the Unlic Empire of Uslen against the Zannas Fleet of the Principality of Rudloffur for the hegemony in the Caritz.



Since the Independence of Zannas -becoming the Principality of Rudloffur- in the 2380 a.a.H, which was followed by a war between the mercenary armies of Rudloffur against the imperial armies and navies, the Unlic failure to suppress the rebels was followed by a wake of rebellions among the colonies and provinces of the Unlic Empire that sought independence between the 2385-2391 a.a.H, that further weakened the Imperial Grip on the region.

Rudloffur Prepares for WarEdit

By the 2.400 a.a.H, the weakness of Uslen was apparent and the Vanolosé thalasocrassy of Zannas and other Free Cities prepared themselves to displace the Unlic hegemony in the sea.

Supposed Cause of the WarEdit

Following an otherwise unremarkable incident between traders, this conflict was used as a casus belli against the Unlic Empire of Uslen.

Battle at SeaEdit

The Principality of Rudloffur, commanding a large allied fleet, will clash in the sea in the straits of Raggmas with the Imperial Navy of Uslen:

The Unlic defeat will be complete.

Rudlofurr ExpansionEdit

  • Rudlofurr defeated then the Unlic fleet in the naval battle of Raggmas at the 2403, which left the trade of the sea of Caritz in their hands, which will be the first step in their campaign of expansion, trying to settle bases and colonies in the two seas, Tok and Caritz.

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