Crop north ushaenor Ne-Sargos by shabazik-d3dpl5o

Ne'Sargos, the colony, and a later break-away kingdom, of Sargos in North Ushaenor

The Kingdom of Ne'Sargos, the Kingdom of New Sargos, was a realm established by exiled Sargonic after the Sargonic wars in northern Ushaenor, at the 2420 a.a.H.

Since the First War of the Power, Aelian humans had set some small settlements in Northern Ushaenor, mostly in their origins to trade and keep diplomatic relations with the Empire of Whide Axis. At first, the aelian human presence was heavily regulated, constrained to only the walled cities and ports to them assigned: but as was perceived weakness in the High Elves, these small settlements will begin to expand beyond the designed walls -mostly under the excuses of self-sufficiency, to farm their own products-, slowly growing in size and importance.

With the fall of the Kingdom of Sargos at the end of the Sargonic Wars, Don Camilo II The Magnificent refused to surrender, and along with his fluvial navy of the Osorio -later joined by the Sea navy of Sargos- he will want to establish his court again, not as an exiled king, but as again as a ruler:

Fearing that Novanliohn was too close in range to their Aelian enemies, feeling as well the Alan Islands as too limited in riches and resources to rebuild the Sargonic might, after resupplying in the islands -and using them as rallying point for further refugees of the old Sargonic order-, Camilo II and his fleet will sail to Ushaenor, seen as a land of opportunities for the ambitious king.

As the Sargonic fleet and the king arrived at Northern Ushaenor, despite the protests of the nominal elven authorities of the deserted -of elves- western coasts, Don Camilo II will proclaim the colonies of Sargos in Ushaenor as the Kingdom of Ne'Sargos, incorporating as well the Alan Islands.

From this point onward, Ne'Sargos will be a focal point of expansion of the northwestern aelian human power in Northern Ushaenor.

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