The Necromancer-Tokerí war was an armed conflict fought mostly in the archipelago of Tok-Thoria and the aelian tok shores, between the demon lord the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria and the Tokerí Kanovs, between the 1720 to the 1760 a.a.H., ending with the pacification of the isles.

This war is considered to be part of the Kanovhook wars in southern Aels.

History Edit

Background Edit

The Nigromante, who had settled already in the isles since the 1398 a.a.H-early in the age of the Apparition of Demons-. The Islands were inhabited by the savage Tokerí, and at first the Nigromante decided to appear as a wise, benevolent, beautiful man that was bringing knowledge and power to the ones who heard him.

Using deception, conspiracies and complots, he achieved that the Tokerí tribes united under some charismatic leaders -puppets of the Nigromante-, to raid the eastern shores of the Dumian Empire-.

While it was a lucrative alliance, with the Tokerí making settlements and outposts along the Aelian shores of the sea of Tok, the Nigromate, Lord of Werewolves was more ambitious than having some minor coastal barbarian settlements, the Nigromante convinced the Tokerí to march deeper with the Early Demonic Dark Legion into Dume, hoping to carve a demonic realm for himself: but at first the Dumian legions were still strong and his barbarian armies and his demonic legions were defeated one time after another, and when finally the Northern Dumian Empire fell at the 1676 a.a.H, he saw his ambition of becoming a Demonic Prince of the South betrayed, as instead Satman came to rule over Hortann. He was reduced instead, again, to his coastal, poor realm and only an influence over the kanov barbarians.

Being forced to turn his attention to the Isles, he decided to become himself King and ruler of Tok-Thoria, above the chieftains of the Tokerí. He still remained to be a wise, benevolent and beautiful counselor to the chieftains of Tok-Thoria, but he tried to make one of them rise above the others as a High Kanov of the Tokerí, a puppet king for his own ascension.

Using the Tokerí High Kanov and his influence, he began to introduce the Cult of Demons among the Tokerí, and as advisor of the High Kanov, to reach power in his own among the Tokerí.

However, this was resisted by the traditionalists, who defended the Tokerí religion, and fiercely independent, many resisted the idea of a central figure of authority, especially as it became more evident that the High Kanov was only a puppet of his demonic advisor...

The King of Tok-Thoria Edit

At the 1718 a.a.H, the High Kanov of the Tokerí, Lebrakr, died. Rather than following the fashion of the chieftains and armed Tokerí to proclaim their own leader, The Nigromante proclaimed himself as King of the Tokerí, and king of Tok-Thoria, by the will of the dead warlord.

This caused unrest and disputes among the Tokerí, who saw this was against their traditions, but agents of the Nigromante were many and disguised among the Tokerí chieftains, and were able to make most of the tribes to accept the demon as their ruler: however as prostration at the feet of the king was asked for and an oath from the chieftains, many refused:

claimed rebels, the Nigromante and his demons will punish violently some of them. The rule of the Nigromante seemed secure.

Necromancer-Tokerí War Edit

With the oath of allegiance of the kanov leaders of the Tokerí, the Nigromante hoped to have ensured the control over the Tokerí tribes, but fiercely independent, each Kanov answered only to his own word: and so, the Nigromante decided to make a mandatory oath from every Kanov warrior of the Tokerí, that promised as well their firstborn son to the Nigromante.

This Oath and the Blood Tax to be imposed was seen as the last straw. Shamans of the traditional religions condemned it -and the Cult of Demons-, and the free warriors chose new chieftains: it was time for open rebellion at the 1720 and the beginning of the war between the Nigromante and the Tokerí.

The forces loyal to the Nigromante were able to initially keep control of the larger settlements as the rural hinterland rebelled, but having underestimated the Tokerí, they were expelled from the islands by the 1722. While the Nigromante continued to hold the continental aelian tokerí settlements, he had to use terror to fold the Tokerí into his rule, with tales of atrocities of his werewolves and other demons against those who were considered rebels.

Aftermath Edit

The war will last 40 bloody years, until the Nigromante "pacified" the islands, having decimated the population and converting the surviving Tokerí kanov to the religion of the Demons and forcing them to accept him as an immortal demon-king-god, by the 1760 a.a.H.

While secure in his throne, the Tokerí tribes will often rebel, being considered untrusted vassals by the Nigromante: they had little love to their demong-god-king, who ruled with fear. This was seen again in the First War of the Power, when the Tokerí broke ranks and deserted in front of the armies of the alliance of Humans and the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis.

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