The Neolithic Age was an era of Aiers world history that lasted roughly 5 millenia. It began at about 19,000 B.A.H, and saw the development of agriculture, which led to an influx of lifestyle changes. Farming permitted far denser populations, which in time organized into States. Agriculture also created food surpluses that could support people not directly engaged in food production. The development of agriculture permitted the creation of the first cities. These were centres of trade, manufacturing and political power with nearly no agricultural production of their own. Cities established a symbiosis with their surrounding country sides, absorbing agricultural products and providing, in return, manufactured goods and varying degrees of military control and protection.

The development of cities was synonymous with the rise of civilization. Early civilizations arose first in southern Ushaenor from the Hake dark elves, followed by Drow civilization along Polforia, around the 14,000 b.a.h. These societies developed a number of unifying characteristics, including a central government, a complex economy and social structure, sophisticated language and writing systems, and distinct cultures and religions. Writing was another pivotal development in aierian history, as it made the administration of cities and expression of ideas far easier.

As complex civilizations arose, so did complex religions, and the first of their kind apparently originated during this period. Inanimate entities such as the Sun, Moon, Earth, sky, and sea were often deified. Shrines developed, which evolved into temple establishments, complete with a complex hierarchy of priests and priestesses and other functionaries. Some of the earliest surviving written religious scriptures are the Hass'ahr'atti Texts, produced by the Hake. Some archaeologists suggest, based on ongoing excavations of a temple complex at Busushk Tek in southern Bazikstan, dating from c. 20,500 b.a.h, that religion predated the Agricultural Revolution rather than following in its wake, as had generally been assumed.

Timeline B.A.H.Edit

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