Canaia dark elf huntress by shabazik-d7bhlsr

Canaia Dark Elf Huntress, from Polforia, an example of a "Neroz" elf

Neroz are the black or grey skinned elf races that inhabit the planet Aiers IV. The class is virtually synonymous with Drow for the Neroz elves living in the "Fantasy" age of Aiers. They built the first primitive "empire" and from this early beginning have long been among the most municipal minded of the elf civilizations with few exceptions.


The colors of the class of races range from coal, inky black to light grey. The Neroz, as a class, tend to be among the smallest and shortest of the elves, with the Verdennos Elf and Wollumis being a little smaller. Additionally, the Neroz males tend to be significantly smaller than the females. Some exceptions exist, as Cavrest male drow are significantly larger than those males of other drow races, and are, in fact, of the largest drow. The Neroz typically have white or lighter hair, and red eyes, or lighter colored eyes. They also have an enhanced ability to see in low light beyond that of other elves.


Neroz appeared along with the other elf categories in Polforia. They used the advantages of their dark skin and enhanced low light vision to hunt game at night. Despite this specialization and hunting preference, they were the first elves to begin the process of civilization.

Speculation: Perhaps competition with beast people such as the cat-like Loranor contributed to the Neroz settling down to become agricultural and to build the first civilization of Aiers?

The Neroz would build primitive city-state queendoms throughout much of the continent of Aels to the detriment of the beast people and other elf categories. Eventually, the Zuleis category of elves, (the early Flairie) and the allied beast people would completely destroy these early cities and towns, and almost eliminate the Neroz from the surface of Aiers. The Neroz who escaped to the subterranean world of Kazrrad would branch out and become the various Drow peoples, and the surviving Neroz on the surface would maintain a nomadic lifestyle as the Dark Elf race known as the Canaia.

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