Nortunk crossbowdwarf by shabazik-d5nd7wj

Nortunk Crossbowdwarf

The Nortunk Dwarfs live in central Aels, being one of the more widespread and known dwarven races, as they have normally open contacts with other races, miners and traders.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Frequently light haired and light skinned, the Nortunk are of a middle size amongst the Dwarfs The males stand an estimated 120-130 cm tall



Very inventive and advanced, they are well noted and regarded for intricate artistry and cunning devices and engineering. They are considered by some to be, perhaps, the most technically advanced race through most of the history of Aiers.


They are among the most mercantile and trade minded of the northern (non-Duergar) dwarves. Tend to be among the more open and gregarious of the northern dwarf cultures.


They don't have a mortal enemy, but they have recurrent wars with Drow due to trading routes, as well as with Ur Dur cave goblins and Kokto Orc (black orcs) as they enter in their territories.


Ancient HistoryEdit

They once tried to become an empire, but they were defeated and turned more and more underground.


Among their commercial disputes, there is a long running rivalry and history of war with the drow state of Negeémiliel.

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