The Nutk-Demon War was a conflict between the Dark Legion of Demons and the Nutks humans, fought at the end of the XX century and in the early XXI century, during the Dark Age of Demons.

As result of this war, the Nutks will be incorporated into the Dark Legion of Demons under the rule of Anutkahook.

History Edit

Around the 1.900 After the Apparition of Humanity, during the Dark Age of Demons, the Dark Legion decided that the Nutks, due their isolation and weak political organization, and due their simple and credulous nature, where to be cohersed into the Dark Legion.

Because of that, it was send a Bazrrod demon lord along a Legion: and thanks to showing their power, demostrating magic, religion, playing the tribal and clan ancestral hate, building alliances, treasons, assassinations, playing a part in conspirations and clan and tribal wars, weakening the different factions that could oppose them, soon most of the Nutks where under demonic influence.

Noticing of this, several clans united against the demons in a open war, but their warriors, very fierce and combative, couldn't against the better organized and equiped forces of the Dark Legion, being their defeat the better demonstration of power of the Demons of the Dark Legion. Finally, all the Nutks clans become demon servers.

The Bazrrod who was sent in that isolated and distant region of Anutkia was simply called by his servants "Anutkahook" -the demon of anutkia, as they used the kanov word to design the demons, as they lacked of one in their own.

This demon satrap, helped by his legions, founded a "capitol", a big village surrounded by three walls of palisades, and organized the realm of Anutkia.

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